Four different looks by the ultimate babe herself

It’s been a long while since I’ve done a “Get The Look” post so I think it’s time I bring this back to the blog.

To kick start 2018’s GTL, I have chosen four of Olivia Culpo’s outfits to replicate and/or hijabified for you.

Outfit #1

You can’t go wrong with an all black ensemble and neither can Olivia Culpo. There were no images to show what shoes Olivia was wearing with this outfit but I’ve got a feeling that Olivia would have styled this outfit with black high heeled booties. I love the boots that Tony Bianco have recently released for this season.

Her jeans look like it’s a straight legged but honestly, you can wear whatever you have at home.

For my fellow hijabi’s – I would style my scarf with a low bun and throw a thin scarf over your hair and drape the sides over your shoulders. Alternatively, you could try tying the scarf in a side knot like this or in a low turban.

With the bag, just wear whatever black bag you have at home and you’re all set.

Outfit #2

I love this simple and chic laid back look that Olivia has going on. It’s so easy to put together as I’m sure you will have a pair of denim jeans and a white shirt laying around. All you will need is a red bandana to tie around the neck, if you don’t already have one.

I already have a red bandana and have worn something like this before except I wore a button up crisp white shirt but I definitely want to try it again. Red is such a great pop of colour and I’m really loving it at the moment, especially because I find that it really compliments my skin tone.

Finish this look off with a pair of your favourite boots or sneakers.

Outfit #3

I love a good festival outfit so it’s only natural that I include one of Olivia’s festival looks into this post.

This particular look certainly needs a huge ‘hijabify‘ make over for my fellow hijabi’s. Firstly, any band t-shirt will suffice but I managed to come across the Pink Floyd long sleeve top as shown above. Just wear a black crew neck shirt underneath for coverage. Alternatively, if you have a short sleeve band shirt, then you can hijabify it by wearing a long sleeve shirt underneath. This will work great if you wanted to wear the band t shirt off the shoulder the way Olivia has worn it.

Grab whatever pair of jeans you have at home or you can shop the jeans I shared in the widget above. If you wanted to, you could wear high knee boots and tuck the jeans inside or just wear a pair of ankle boots instead.

To finish of the look, add the necklace and belt as shown above as well as a pair of hooped earrings and the baker boy hat that I mentioned in outfit number one.

Outfit #4

I think it’s super important to travel comfortably and Olivia has done just that. Joggers, sweatshirt and sneakers? Check, check, check.

Did I not say that Olivia can pull off anything? When I saw the Louis Vuitton Archlight sneakers (that Olivia is wearing) in store. I did not like them but seeing them on Olivia has changed my mind. I might have to try it on next time I’m in Louis Vuitton.

White on white is definitely a hard combo to accomplish without spilling anything but it looks so good, doesn’t it? Shop the look below.

Who should I hijabfy next?

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