Alongside Ascia, Dina Tokio is another one of my huge modest fashion inspirations. I could be here for days sharing my favourite looks of Dina but this one in particular is my favourite. I don’t know why, but I think I really like the colour combination with the khaki button up top, white long sleeve shirt, black pants and her silver shoes that I’ am obsessed with (so I got my own pair).

Anyway, on Saturday the 23rd – Idrus and I decided to go out for brunch in Braddon and as always, I was stumped on what to wear.

So I decided to browse through Dina’s instagram newsfeed and rewind back to when it was summer in the UK. This is what I found and knew I could replicate with similar pieces that I already had in my wardrobe.



I have endless amounts of black denim jeans, so I just grabbed one that I felt like wearing (try this one). Picked out a white shirt (which we all have in our wardrobe but try this one, any will do. I had a khaki vest that my three year old sister personally picked for me when she was shopping in Target with my mum (but look what I found here and here) and I had bought silver shoes last year from Country Road but perhaps you can opt for this one or that one – added my Michael Kors bag and I was good to go or you can opt for something cheaper here.

I didn’t add any jewelry as I’m not really a jewelry kinda gal, I save those for special occasions. If you are like Dina and like to wear jewelry for any occasion than definitely go ahead and do so. Don’t have to spend any money, just raid through your collection and chuck on a bunch of rings (like Dina), bracelets and a long silver necklace.

Thanks for reading! until next time,



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