GET THE LOOK: Christina Centenera

I knew of Christina Centenera for quite some time now but it was only until recently have I actually took a moment to appreciate her sense of style.

What I really love about Christina’s fashion choice is that it’s very  modest which is perfect for all my fellow Muslimah’s around the world.

Today, I thought I would share a “Get the Look” featuring the Fashion Editor of Vogue Australia for an affordable price.


I have chosen this look in particular because I found it fitting considering it’s Autumn (even though the weather in Canberra hasn’t been as cool as I would like it to be). Not only that, but I personally see myself wearing something like this and knew I wanted to feature it in this weeks “Get the Look” series.


It was a mission in a half to find a white ankle length trench/duster coat like Christina’s – I was only able to find the white double breasted blazer from Missguided ($59.50) and House of Sunny Luxe tie front jacket from Asos ($145) that could pull off as a similar look. I even included a sleeveless maxi duster vest from Missguided also ($63) purely because of the ankle length. Perhaps, for extra warmth – opt for a long sleeve basic tee instead of the short sleeve from ASOS for as little as $10.50.

I decided to choose the New Look cotton slim leg pants via ASOS ($42) because I liked that it was a little more fitted and high rise as opposed to the pants that Christina can be seen wearing as per above image.

Finally, the heels – suprisingly enough, I also struggled to find a pair of affordable white pumps so I had to suffice with the Tatiana pumps from Nine West ($139.95). If that’s a little over your price range, you could opt for the strap or lace heels that I saw on Asos, Missguided, Nasty Gal, Simmi Shoes just to name a few.

I hope this “Get the Look” series assist you in some way for a upcoming event or evening with the girls.

Do you have a favourite look from a celebrity that you would like me to replicate? Email it through to and I will feature it for my next “Get the look” series on Grace & Coy.

Until next time,


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