Introducing a new segment to Grace & Coy called Get the Look – The title of this new segment is pretty self explanatory and I am excited to share my very first piece to my fellow readers. I will also be doing a “Get the Look” video for my Youtube Channel in the next couple of months so make sure you head over to my channel and subscribe to stay up to date.

The whole purpose of this segment is to share a cheaper option for not only myself but for you too. I will also be putting together a “Get the Look” from celebrities as well but I will be creating the look with a modest twist so that it is wearable for all women.

I really hope you will like this new segment and I look forward to putting together more outfits for Grace & Coy both written and visual in the coming months.

Well I wont keep you waiting, my first look is from the amazing Ascia who is a Fashion Blogger and creator of Dessert Baby Kuwait and one of my favourite Muslim Fashionista’s so I knew I wanted her to be my first inspiration for this new segment.

Ascia has a very versatile sense of style which I love but I also wanted to make sure I picked an outfit that was suitable for an everyday wear.  Originally, I wanted to replicate one of her outfits where she was wearing a yellow Tory Burch Jacket (as seen on Ascia) but as I was trying to search for a cheaper alternative that was similar in style I had decided that it wasn’t realistic and certainly wasn’t something that was timeless. I knew it would be a jacket that I would wear once or twice and it will be put at the back of my closest and never be seen again. Therefore, I disregarded that look and opt for something a little more realistic and had items you could wear all year round. Probably not the check pants but at least everything else are timeless pieces. #winning

Okay, so I plan to try and keep this as short and simple as possible. I plan to do a video for this look anyway so I can verbally discuss more about it there instead.

Here it goes.


The first item I looked for were the trousers because I knew it would be mission impossible as I haven’t really seen that many floating around. I was able to find the two above that isn’t exactly the same style in trousers but still has the check print and colour theme. I thought, if you wanted to wear the black trousers with white check print – you could wear a white tee with it instead in order to break up the colours. Otherwise you can still replicate the same colour layer by wearing the white wide leg trousers with black check which is the same print as Ascia’s. I provided two options for the plain tee in long and short sleeves which I kindly provided for all my readers. All basics are from Asos and just under $50.00AUD so very affordable and the material is thin so perfect for summer in Australia. The long-line bomber jackets are from Asos as well and quite affordable (here and here) if I do say so myself, they have a different lining on the zipper. If you don’t like long-line, there were heaps of other bomber jackets that were available for purchase at an affordable price that sits a little higher instead.

Ascia was wearing a pair of nude heels that looks like it has a one strap around the ankle and you tie it into a knot. I did find one that were similar but it was suede and I didn’t like it so I opt for a simple one, shown above from Nasty Gal but I’m sure you will have a pair of nude heels in your closest – am I right? I would most likely wear my nude heels from Seed (no longer available online) because although it has a few layers, it’s still light. I can’t explain it, but basically, I wouldn’t wear it with my Tony Bianco Avars because the lace on it is heavy (style wise).

The fringed clutch I chose is from Asos and was only $35.00 (sale price) –  River Island also has one that was quite similar too which I didn’t mind and is currently on sale for $37.00. With Ascia’s arm candy, I couldn’t quite see what it was. She could be wearing a watch for all I know but instead I just found some nice bracelets from Asos. Honestly, just wear whatever you have at home to save money.

Finally, the bandana attached in the image above isn’t from anywhere in particular but you can find endless amounts of bandana’s for sale on eBay and all you have to sacrifice is as little as $1.00. If you want to spend a little more, I did see some bandana scarfs for purchase on Asos and Nasty Gal but seriously, just get it from eBay.

Oh hey, now that I mentioned it – I did write a blog called “The One with the Bandana Styled in 7 Ways” if you want to check it out 😉

Thanks for reading my loves. Until next time,


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