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If you follow me on snapchat and instagram then you would have noticed I was recently in Melbourne for four days this past weekend. The purpose of my trip was to go to a concert. Don’t laugh, but I went and saw Selena Gomez with my bestie, Jenn Lee.

While I was in Melbourne, I also got the chance to visit a couple of my favourite and/or new cafes that I have listed in my “to do” list.



I arrived in Melbourne a little passed 10am and my best friend Jenn had kindly offered to pick me up from the airport. We swung past Jenn’s house to drop off a few of my things and to freshen up before we had brunch at a cute cafe in Richmond called Kitty Burns.


Jenn’s cute little pup, Cino also joined us so we made sure we went to a pet friendly cafe and Kitty Burns was the cafe Jenn wanted to take me as she knew I’d love the interior and exterior for a couple of shoots. She wasn’t wrong, I loved this place and mentally gave it extra brownie points because the coffee was the bomb diggity. I even ordered another coffee after I finished my meal.

I was torn between two dishes, one was french toast and the other was this intriguing fried chicken dish that was plated with waffles and blueberries (KFCC Waffles $21). Yes, you read that correctly and it was absolutely delicious… The photo doesn’t do it justice!

Not to brag, but my dish was way better then Jenn’s as she ordered a veggie dish (Kitty Greens $16.50) with grilled chicken on the side. It looked delicious but it was basically “rabbit” food as what her boyfriend called it.



I was going to wait until the end of October for this particular purchase but if there is one thing you should know about me then it would be that I am an extremely impatient person. I had the money so I decided to make the purchase.

After devouring my delicious KFCC Waffles we dropped Cino back to Jenn’s house and then made our way to George Street to visit the Louis Vuitton store. I won’t be revealing what I had purchased just yet but stay tuned for a youtube video next week.

I can’t wait to share my new Louis Vuitton purchase with you all.

After I made my splurge purchase for the rest of the year (lol) Jenn and I headed to Bourke Street and did a bit of window shopping in Emporium before calling it a day.


Although I was unable to see my sisters and brother in Point Cook, I was lucky enough to see my Aunty Odette, Uncle and cousins. Jenn was kind enough to drop me off to my aunties house and joined us for dinner as a thank you.

I then spent my first night in Melbourne with them while Jenn went home.



I had my second interview with MFI the following day but this time it was a face to face interview. My aunty and I drove to Fitzroy but found ourselves being an hour early so we decided to have brunch at a cute little cafe called All Day Archie’s along Gertrude Street. We didn’t plan to come here but glad we came across it, it was another cute little gem which had stunning and photo worthy interior and exterior.


Tia Odette ordered the Crispy Poached Eggs ($18.50) which had Daikon Kim-Chi, edamame, enoki, mushrooms, sesame dressing on sourdough toast. Tia Odette was pleased with her dish but found it was a little spicy, she said she want’s to go back so that’s positive. I however ordered my regular cappuccino and Noisette croissant with jam ($6) because I didn’t have much time and thought it was best to order a small dish. It was yummy and went nicely with my coffee which was divine.

In case your wondering, I think my interview went well and I am super excited to commence class in 2017. Fitzroy is also a pretty lovely and characteristic suburb and can see myself roaming the streets during my lunch breaks.



Don’t judge me, all I ever do on holidays (even when I’m not on holidays) is eat, eat and eat. After my interview at MFI, we headed back to the house for roughly 30 minutes before heading to Chadstone for lunch at Mr Pilgrims¬† Cafe.

Tia Odette was talking about how she wants to try new cafes around Melbourne so I insisted we try another cafe and Mr Pilgrims Cafe is where we decided to check out.

Mr Pilgrims Cafe is right outside the entrance of the Chadstone Shopping Centre where Seed Heritage is located. The cafe was almost a full house but there were still enough tables to go around.

The menu was fantastic, there were a variety of options. Again, I was stuck between a savory and a sweet dish but because I was planning of having pancakes at another cafe (this will be revealed below) I decided to choose a savory dish.


Surprisingly, Tia Odette and I didn’t end up ordering anything from the menu. Instead we were quite intrigued by the options in the fridge. This Chicken schnitzel caught out eye but so did a bowl of corned beef in a baked potato with cheese and sour cream. Nomomom! I ended up ordering the corn beef and so did Tia Odette. My Aunty loved it but if I’m going to be honest, I’ve had better, it wasn’t bad or anything though.

For drinks, Tia Odette ordered a Chocolate milkshake and I decided to order Mr Pilgrims special fruit iced tea. From memory, I think it was a raspberry flavour. It was delicious and so it should be since it was highly recommended by the waitress. It would be a perfect refresher for the summer days too.


After brunch my aunty and I had a sneaky browse through Daiso and I was lucky enough that my aunty bought me a few things. She also found a few things for herself too and all for just under $30.00!


I was so excited and determined to visit The Kettle Black cafe in South Melbourne since seeing so many amazing photo’s of the exterior on social media. The pancakes also gave me more of a determination to go there for brunch.

There was word that there is always a huge line up to get a table so I knew it was important that we go as early as possible. Although we arrived later then we planned we still managed to get a table outside and right next to the heaters. There was a wait if we wanted to eat inside but the weather was nice anyway.

It was Jenn’s first time here as well and so she was also mesmerized by the beautiful exterior, we couldn’t help but take photo’s.


As promised (to myself) I ordered the Hotcake with Ricotta ($20) with blueberries, pure maple, double cream, seeds and nuts. and Jenn ordered the Confit Free Range Pork ($19) with compressed pear, poached eggs and butter emulsion.

I’m not one to have a sweet tooth as previously mentioned however the Hotcakes from The Kettle Black was absolutely mouthwatering. It wasn’t too sweet at all and I loved how the maple syrup was glazed on top of the pancakes but still had enough for the thick pancakes. Oh man, just thinking about it now is giving me cravings. I was disappointed that I couldn’t finish it but I was way too full to eat anymore. They are certainly generous with the serving.

The coffee was great too, I couldn’t believe how consistent the coffee have been during my trip in Melbourne.

IMG_4785 IMG_4786





After we finished having brunch at The Kettle Black and took some outfit photo’s right outside the building we made our way to the Shrine of Remembrance for photo worthy shots and to admire Melbourne’s city. It was beautiful and I never thought to go there so I was glad Jenn had recommended to take me. If you haven’t been before, then please add it to your “to do” list for your next trip. You won’t regret it!


We then went back to Bourke Street as Jenn wanted to buy the Viva La Juice Couture perfume at Priceline before we headed back to Jenn’s house and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon.


To be honest, Jenn and I were so slack that we were this close to not going to the concert. However, once we started to get ready our mood enlighten.

The concert wasn’t that great to be honest. Selena performed on a small stage and people in our seating area stood the entire time. So much for paying more to get seating tickets to only have to stand anyway, better off purchasing the grounds tickets. Jenn and I were super annoyed.

The set up and whole performance seemed pretty crap and cheap, I expected way better.



After the concert we walked to the city and decided to stop by my cousins burger place, 8Bit. I wasn’t that hungry but I knew if I didn’t order anything I would regret it so I ordered the Chilli Cheese Fries and shared it with Jenn. We then made our way back to Jenn’s house and got ready for bed.

The next day was Sunday which was the day I was going back home, it was bittersweet as I couldn’t wait to come home to Idrus but I was sad to say goodbye to Jenn.

I wouldn’t have been able to do the things I wanted to do if it wasn’t for Jenn, she went far and beyond to take me to Louis Vuitton, The Kettle Black, Kitty Burns and to the concert plus visiting 8Bit. I wished it wasn’t over, but I cannot wait to move there next year and discover more amazing cafes and locations with her, Inshallah!

I hope you discovered a new location from this post for your next holiday in Melbourne. If you have already been to any of the cafe’s I mentioned please let me know which one is your favourite and why… Also, if you know of any other cafe’s for my to try on my next trip please share them below in the comment section. I love trying out all kinds of food at different and unknown cafes.

Until next time,


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