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My last visit in Darwin was in August 2016 (here and here) so it’s been a while since I went back home. This time Idrus decided to come along and spend the holidays with my family. As mentioned previously, we don’t necessarily celebrate Christmas but I still wanted to be with my family during this time. It was also great for Idrus to see how my family celebrate  and taste some traditional Portuguese food which is home cooked by my Aunty and Nanna.

I arrived in Darwin late at night and I had a long day of travelling so I went straight to sleep. The next day my mum, Bella and I went to the Parap Markets and I ordered what I have been waiting for… Chicken and Beef Laksa Soup, Poh Pias and a Watermelon /Rockmelon Smoothie. Yum! It was absolute heaven, the weather not so much though. But, it’s not a welcome home greeting without a gush of the humidity as you walk out of the airplane.

After picking up Idrus from the airport at lunch time, we went straight to Casuarina with Bella for lunch and naturally I ordered my all time favourite Chicken and Potato with steam rice from Happy Garden. Again, like heaven!

As it was Christmas Eve, we went home and relaxed before heading to my aunties house to commence the celebrations. We also went back to my aunties house on Christmas Day for another big feast which was absolutely delicious. Nanna even made my favourite Bacalhau a Braz!

I have been vlogging on the trip, not a lot but I did for the first two or three days so I don’t want to get into too much detail. Instead, I thought I would do a run down on places that I think you should visit if you ever decide to holiday in Darwin.

Sweet Brew and Co

I came here for breakfast with one of my childhood friends and was pleasantly surprised at how hip it was for Darwin. I first ordered a Iced Latte but I was not impressed so I ordered a cappuccino instead. I had the Breakkie Box #1 as I wanted to try something different, it was ok but Ashleys French Cronut looked pretty delicious.

Where: 45 Stuart Highway, Stuart Park

The Foreshore Restaurant and Cafe

The Foreshore Restaurant and Cafe is another new eating location in Darwin and so far, mine and Idrus’ favourite. I ordered the Avo Smash which was absolutely delicious, served with poached eggs and danish feta. The coffee tasted a little bit like milk, but I’d go back again. It’s also right along the Nightcliff Foreshore (hence the name) making it a great location to watch the sunset while you enjoy a nice early dinner. The Nightcliff Pool is right next door, why not go for a swim after or before you dine for brunch?

Idrus and I decided to go again with mum and Bella on New Years Eve. I went basic and ordered the Mini Pancakes with Icecream and Maple Syrup but Idrus was a little more daring and ordered the Mini Pancakes that came with Banana, Salted Caramel, Macadamia Nuts, Icecream and Maple Syrup. Mum ordered the Avo Smash and I may or may not have helped her eat it 😛

I also have been a little bit obsessed with Iced Lattes so I ordered that this time round and it was a great way to end my breakfast.

Where: Casuarina Drive, Nightcliff Foreshore

Parap Markets

Parap Markets is only opened on Saturdays so it’s a great location for those who need a hangover cure or those who are just natural early risers. I only ever order Laksa and a smoothie from the Parap Markets but there is plenty of other options for everyone. Another popular food stall at Parap Markets is Kens Crepes, their line is always long! You can also purchase fresh fruit and veggies and other little supermarket knick knacks too. Idrus and I were absolutely shattered to learn that Parap Markets were not open on the last Saturday that we were in Darwin.

Where: 3/3 Vickers Street, Parap

The Wharf

The Wharf is a great place for dinner if you are looking to get a seafood fix. They also have other options such as Thai, Chinese and even steak but who wants that when you can get Fish & Chips? If you wanted to go somewhere a little fancier and with AC then you could try The Jetty but it isn’t my favourite place. I do however, like Crustaceans but you will need to bring a bigger wallet as it isn’t cheap. Idrus and I went to The Wharf on Friday with just the two of us and I ended up ordering a Seafood Platter for myself and half a dozen of natural oysters to share with Idrus from a new shop called Fusion which was pretty delicious. The seafood was cooked to perfection and the oyster’s were deliciously fresh.

Where: Darwin Wharf Precinct, Stokes Hill Wharf

Roast & Noodles 328

Alongside Happy Garden, Roast and Noodles 328 was another Asian takeaway shop that I looked forward to devour in. Roast and Noodle 328 is located in the city and is a bit of a drive out from where I lived but it was worth it. The price seems to have increased since I last remember but I still feel like you certainly get what you paid for. I always use to ordered BBQ Pork and Steam Chicken with Rice Combo which comes with a drink and soup but for obvious reasons I don’t order that anymore, this time I thought I would try the Roast Duck when I went with my Uncle Jude and Roast Chicken when I went the following day with Primae. The Roast Duck was my favourite and I am literally having major cravings as I type this up. For the regular size, which is what I ordered is only $16.00 which I think isn’t too bad. It’s so delicious, I’d pay whatever the price. I love eating it with this green paste which is ginger and spring onions mixed together. So good!

Where: Shop 15, The Galleria Shopping Centre, 37-39 Smith Street, Darwin City

Ballantynes Fish & Chips

It wouldn’t make any sense for you to drive all the way to Ballantynes if you don’t live in Palmerston. I know I wouldn’t, but if you live in the area that I cannot recommend this fish and chip takeaway shop enough. I was visiting my close friends, Ellen & Damo who live in the area so I suggested we order in. Originally, I was dead set on ordering Fish & Chips but Ellen and Damo were ordering burgers which reminded me of how juicy and devour worthy their chicken burgers were so I decided to order a burger too. Worth it! We ordered a serve of chips with chicken salt to share between us.

Where: 3/35 Granites Dr, Rosebery

Stay very tuned for my vlog which should be up sometime at the end of this week.


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