Do you want to ‘Zhang’ like Margaret Zhang?

Margaret Zhang’s style is out of this world, it’s quite impeccible if I do say so myself.  She is more than just ordinary, she is a trendsetter and thinks outside of the box that noone would ever dare to attempt. I also love how she combines different colours and textures together all the while pulling it off to the ‘T’. My favourite part about Zhang’s style is that 99% of her outfits feature a modest touch so she is basically the perfect style icon for every Muslim fashionista’s around the globe as well as for Non-Muslim girls.

Want to know a little tip? Margaret truly has some similarities to my bestie Jenn – It’s uncanny!

Anyway, this is a newly improved segment from the ‘Get the Look’ which I haven’t done in a while but you can see them here and who better to restart the segment other then the gorgeous Margaret Zhang?

Images sourced via Pinterest

The images above are not even half of my favourite Zhang looks but they all wouldn’t have fit in the collage so I had to make do with just a few. If you want to see more of my favourites then feel free to check out my pinterest board.

What you need to have a Zhang wardrobe:

  1. Killer heels
  2. Outterwear i.e. blazers, denim jackets, trench coats and leather… Plenty of it
  3. White button ups
  4. Dress’ with different types of silhouette textures
  5. Oversized tee’s
  6. Skirts (mostly asymmetrical)
  7. Cute handbags
  8. Accessories
  9. Anything else that you can layer with i.e dresses, crop tops, boob tubes etc)
  10. Statement sunglasses

Below are just a few of my favourite picks that I feel fit the ‘Zhang’ criteria yet also fitting in my individual style and personality.


Now this should kick start your ‘Zhang’ wardrobe and as Margaret would say – “Go Zhang Yourself”


Collages created by Grace & Coy

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