I have been dying to do a lookbook video which features me replicating a favourite fashionista of mine and I finally had the chance to do this by replicating the one and only Dina Tokio.

The best part is… I didn’t have to spend a cent as most of the items from Dina’s outfits were already in my closet.

If you haven’t seen my video yet then check it out now as per below.

Disclaimer: Most of the outfit’s I’ am wearing may already be sold out however I have provided other alternatives for you. If you already have something similar, don’t stress and save money by using what you already own. Also, most of the items found will be from ASOS and no this is not a sponsored post. ASOS is just the one-stop fashion destination, at least you won’t have to worry about paying for numerous shipping costs πŸ˜›

Dina Tokio 1

This look is perfect for the plane if you are traveling, I actually replicated this look for my trip to Perth but wore it with leggings for comfort. This time round I wore it with my Nobody Denim jeans which you can purchase here for $199 but I found these from ASOS for only $76. The white tee and flannel top are both Idrus’ and I believe are from ASOS, I did try to find a similar style in the female section but instead I opt for this, this and this which are all from the men’s range. These are all on sale too, by the way! For the outerwear, I opted for a trench coat that I had purchased last winter from Bardot but I found these one’s from ASOS which looks like it would keep you warmer in the colder weather. Finally, I have shared two different types of boots, one being patent like Dina’s all the other one being matte like mine. If you live in Australia then you can find the one’s I’m wearing at Kmart for only $25.00 and they are super comfortable. Lastly, Dina wears a pair of diamond earrings but I found these one’s.

Dina tokio 2

I love how simple yet stylish this second look is and how versatile it can be when styled differently. I managed to find a basic grey tee in the women’s section here for only $26. Like Dina, I always prefer a long line tee for that relaxed looked so the one from ASOS fits perfectly into this category. My silver brogues are from Country Road and purchased it last year at a sale price but I found these loafers from ASOS for $33 but if you prefer to opt for one that is nearly as identical as mine then Wittner stocks them for $169.95. Dina got hers from Zara and the Zara in Canberra actually have a few left so definitely check them out, from memory I think they were under $80. Dina likes her simple and dainty jewellery and although I can’t see her earrings I did find these which I feel is something Dina would wear. I decided to wear hooped earrings instead which is something that Dina wears often anyway. The one’s I’m wearing are from Lovisa and came in a pack of three in different sizes but here is this one from ASOS. The jean’s I am wearing are from Trade Secret and are a Nobody Denim pair but try these Boohoo one’s instead for $50 via ASOS. Again, I am wearing the same trench coat as per the first look but here is this ASOS one if you’re interested for $70.

collage 1

The third look was easily my favourite look and I love that you can dress it down with a pair of sandals or dress up with some hot heels. Unfortunately, the one’s I’m wearing are discontinued but any black heels will do. I did find these from ASOS but you’re not a true ozy if you don’t already own black sandals for those hot summer days. You can’t really see but I am wearing a high neck long sleeve top but again, you can’t go wrong with any black tee. I chose this one and that one, both being from ASOS of course. My denim jacket is from Bardot but it was last year’s stock so it’s no longer available however you can find any denim jacket for an affordable price anywhere. I found these one’s on ASOS for only $57 and finally the culottes are both from Missguided and you can find them here and here. If you don’t like culottes then don’t fret, opt for a pair of jeans instead or even a skirt if that’s more your thing. You don’t always have to wear the exact same thing to the β€œT” – it’s all about getting inspiration and incorporating it into your personal and individual style.


Last but not least – Look four is this gorgeous khaki, white and black combination with silver brogues which I was so obsessed with when Dina first posted on her instagram page. I however, have already previously shared the look here if you want to check it out.


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  • Sarah P

    Love these looks!! Especially #2 πŸ™‚

    • thanks lovely !!!!!! I like it too, so simple yet stylish! Dina is always creative with her styling <3