My little silk of heaven


It’s now October. I’ll be 27 in just one more week and you’re already ten weeks old. Time goes so fast when you’re having fun.

You came into my life on the 26th of July 2018, weighing at 3020 grams. I was so out of it from the anesthesia but oh my gosh I was so excited to have you in my weak arms. As I smiled down on you, your aba said the Adhan. He almost forgot, luckily I reminded him. Aba even cut your umbilical cord after saying for the last nine months that he wouldn’t do it. He was so brave. I could see the love he had for you in his eyes. We both love you so, so much.

Mummy had to have a caesarean, but that’s ok. I got through it and aba took real good care of us while I recovered. You tried really hard to come into this world naturally but it was really hard for you. At least you arrived safely and you’re here with us now.

We had a little trouble establishing breastfeeding but don’t worry, we got it now. The first couple of weeks was tough for mummy and aba. It’s our first time being parents so everything was new to us just like you being in this cold, strange world was new to you. Mummy was so happy that you were finally here with us but also so scared that you would be taken away from us too. I thank God for blessing me with the days we’ve had with you so far and pray that there will be more days, months and years to come. To watch you grow and blossom to a beautiful, kind, loving and generous woman.

Being your mummy is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love waking up to your sweet, sweet sounds and that adorably big smile of yours. I love singing to you and seeing your face light up with joy and I love dancing like a goof just to see that smile of yours once more. Never stop smiling meu amor, that smile could light up anyone’s day. I cherish those moments were we just lay in bed and cuddle and I don’t think I will ever get sick of dancing with you to The Wiggles so as long as it’s the original Wiggles =P.

All I ever wanted was to just to be your mummy and I am so lucky to call you mine. I promise to always come cuddle you when you can’t sleep, stick up for you if someone hurts you or when aba is being a pain in the bum. I promise to nurture you when you’re not feeling well, to make you laugh when you’re sad. Be the first person you can call when you need a shoulder to cry on and to raise you to be a strong and independent woman. But most of all, I promise to love you every single day until my very last breath.

Love, Mummy

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