Cream Cafe & Bar review


For quite some time now I have had my eyes on Cream Cafe & Bar, it’s on the way to civic from work and every time I walk by I am absolutely intrigued and in awe with the gorgeous marble interior with such elegant vibes that radiate from the inside.

Whilst walking off our full bellies from a scrumptious brunch at Coffee Lab the other week, we walked by Cream Cafe & Bar and even Idrus found himself intrigued. It was no surprise that we found ourselves dining here the following week for lunch and here I am today to tell you how it was.

DSC04504 DSC04503

Due to it’s beautiful and elegant interior I was expecting a couple of snotty little waitress’ with no customer service skills but quickly learned and was pleasantly surprised at how lovely the waitress’ were. As we entered we were immediately greeted by a lovely waitress who lead us to our table, offered us any drinks and poured us a glass of water.

The name of the restaurant “Cream Cafe & Bar” is quite self explanatory so you will expect a lot of alcohol options from the bar as well as plenty of tea, juices and caffeine options from the cafe. I opted for a nice warm Honeydew Green tea to compliment the cold weather that was waiting just outside for us and it was ever so refreshing.

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Cream Cafe & Bar offers breakfast up until 2:30pm which was very tempting but I really had my eyes set on the lunch menu. You will find a variety of options from the menu from Italian to Asian and then you have your typical ozy options like Fish & Chips and Burgers plus a range of salad selections too. You can’t go wrong and there is always something for everyone’s taste buds, in my opinion.

DSC04511 DSC04510

If I had a lot of room in my small belly I would have ordered the entire menu but unfortunately that is just not possible so I decided to choose the Duck Risotto. I didn’t know what to expect as I have never had a risotto before but it sounded absolutely flavorsome and delicious. Of course, I was not surprised to find that it was exactly what I had thought it would be. It tasted like peking duck and the presentation was just perfection! Idrus loved it too and even finished the plate for me.

Idrus went Italiano and ordered the Rigatoni which to his dismay was a little bit blend for his liking but I actually found it quite pleasant so we ended up swapping half way through our meals as my Duck Risotto became overwhelming form the hosain sauce so the Rigatoni perfectly balanced my taste buds. Idrus’ dish was equally as colourful and vibrant as mine, picture perfect for all bloggers.


Overall, Idrus and I really enjoyed our dining experience at Cream Cafe & Bar and would definitely come again. The service and quality of the food is absolutely a 10 out of 10. I was tempted to order myself something from the bakery but decided against it however I will make sure I choose from the selection next time round.


On Idrus’ plate: Rigatoni w/ slow braised beef ragu, bocconicini, basil and cherry tomatoes  . ($25)

On my plate: Duck Risotto asian spiced w/ chilli, spring onions, choy sum & asian herbs. ($26)


Corner of Bunda & Gende Streets, Canberra
Monday to Tuesday: 7:00am to 6:00pm
Wednesday to Friday: 7:00am to Late
Saturday: 7:30am to Late
Sunday: 7:30am to 4:00pm

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