A frenzy for your wardrobe & bank

I need to start noting down all these sales. There is so many too remember and hard to keep up with. Another sale is on it’s way and that is the Click Frenzy sale. Jot this down in your calendar for the 15th of May because you don’t want to miss it. PrettyLittleThing will be a part of the sale frenzy and you really want to take advantage of it.

In Australia, we are just shy into Autumn with a few weeks being absolutely bliss and a few warmer days. I am counting the days for winter but for now, I’m going to share two of my Autumn looks from Pretty Little Thing featuring my bump 😉

With my six month baby bump, it’s nearly impossible to fit in any of my clothes let alone buying new clothes so I have listed a few items from the PrettyLittleThing website to help you get started in building up your shopping cart to take advantage of PLT Click Frenzy sale. Enjoy!



Tops & Dresses




Shoes & Accessories



*Sponsored by PrettyLittleThing. Although this is sponsored, all opinions are my own

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