Another day, different year


And just like that, it’s 2019. Every other new year that has passed has always been the same but this time it’s a little different. I’m entering a new year as a first time mum and boy, it’s the best feeling in the entire world. Already it seems like 2018 was a total blur. I was pregnant for the first half of the year and let me tell you, it wasn’t fun but the rest of the year was amazing. Idrus and I were equally learning a new role in our lives, adjusting to the fact that it’s no longer just the two of us but now, the three of us and pinching ourselves each day to have created such a perfect little human.

Idrus and I new it was going to be a challenge but we never thought it was going to be this hard to be parents. Either way, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’ve got a lot to look forward to this year. We have three weddings to attend, two being in Bali and the one I’am most excited for is the third being in Melbourne where I get to watch my best friend get married!

While I hope to continue to be a good mum to Aleena, good wife to Idrus and keep my faith strong for Allah, I hope to have a drama free year, be true to myself, not let negativity from others get the best of me and to continue to be honest and real.

May we all have the best year yet! Happy belated New Year

Photography by Jihad Konda

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