Who knew candle making could be so therapeutic


Last week on the 8th September, Canberra Centre launched their new health and wellbeing experience called “Eden”, they will be running numerous amounts of masterclasses that will be centred around wellbeing and health.   I had the pleasure of being invited to one of their first masterclass events of their new launch. The masterclass that I was invited to was a candle making workshop with Elise Pioch, the founder of the popular candle brand, Maison Balzac. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the masterclass on Saturday with Elise but they were holding another candle making masterclass on Sunday with Laura Anderson who works alongside Elise.

I was able to invite a friend to join me on this incredible experience and so naturally – I invited my blogging pal, Sarah from Live Only As You Can as I knew she would totally enjoy this type of thing.

Before I begin letting you in the scoop on what went down at the workshop I wanted to take a moment to discuss a little more about the purpose of Canberra Centres new launch called Eden.

The whole purpose of Eden is to allow the “people to replenish, revitalise and regain their optimal self” – says Amanda Paradiso, Centre Manager for Canberra Centre.

Amanda goes on to say that we live in a fast-paced world where emails are linked to our phones, we have lunch on our desk at work and even though we sign off at 5:30pm from work – we don’t actually “switch off” until midnight. We need to take a moment out of our busy life and simply, breath. Eden has been designed to help customers reconnect with themselves and discover our inner tranquillity through meditation, harmony and mindfulness. This is when the masterclass come into place. The series of masterclasses are hosted by a high profile line-up of Australia’s leading Health & Fitness experts, brought to you the Canberra Centre.

As always, I was running a little late on Sunday morning but luckily I made it and was greeted by a stunning gold façade that almost reached the ceiling of the mall. From afar, it almost looks like vines – it was truly breathtaking. I cannot believe that I forgot to take a photo of it but here are a few amazing shots I found via instagram here and here.

Sarah was already waiting for me at the entrance and once I arrived and we hugged it out we entered into the area and was greeted by a lovely lady who ticked my name off the list and let us in. We were then greeted by the ever so stunning Kristen Henry from Mix 106.3.


The walls in the room were surrounded with beautifully water painted flowers, perfect for spring. In the centre, there were at least four rows of wooden tables with ghost chairs for seating and facing towards the floor to ceiling mirror which had another wooden table with a huge minimalist poster printed with Eden and #edencanberracentre in gold foiling. The wooden table was decorated with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and on the other end of the table was displayed with two jars of scented candles. On the four row of wooden tables, you straight away notice that each person receives a gift bag. Yay! Next to the gift bag you will find a post card, jar, paddle pop stick, a Eden sticker, candle strip and a small, round sticker. Amazing stuff.

On the wooden table by the window you will also notice two atmosphere pod that hang from the ceiling on both ends of the room. I think it’s safe to say that the interior for this masterclass is by far the best interior out of all the masterclasses I have attended at the Canberra Centre.

The interior was honestly distracting, in a good way of course. Sarah and I couldn’t help but take photos of everything and really took in everything. We didn’t even notice that the masterclass had started – Kristen had started speaking and introduced Laura to the stage where the wooden table was displayed by the window.


Laura briefly discussed how she found her way working alongside Elise at Maison Balzac and the story behind Maison Balzac too. She briefed us on how Elise started Maison Balzac which was also very informative. Laura then began to talk about the process of making a candle and how it all entails including how they source the scent for the candle too. Finally, she started to talk us through step by step on how to make the candle which was so exciting. We didn’t exactly get to make the candle ourselves such as, melting the wax and pouring in the perfume for the scent but we did get to stick the candle stick into our jar and walk up to the stage to have the wax mixture poured into our jar. We then placed our candles into a fridge for the wax to cool faster, she noted that doing this does not affect the quality of the candle but it speeds the cooling process.

img_5061 img_5062 img_5067

While we waited patiently for our candles to cool down in the fridge, it was Q&A time with Laura. We had the opportunity to ask her any questions that we may have and she would answer them accordingly. Once our candles were ready to take home, that was the wrap of the masterclass.

*Tip: Allow one to two weeks before lighting up your candle to allow the perfume to set into the wax thoroughly in order to get the full scent experience.

Before Sarah and I left, we said goodbye to Laura and thanked her for a great experience. She mentioned she was really nervous at the start but we assured her that we didn’t even notice and found that she did incredible. I am so glad I attended the Sunday class – Laura was absolutely informative, lovely and beautiful. I hope to see her in Canberra again.

img_5057 img_5070

I didn’t know what to expect from the masterclass but I left feeling pretty damn revitalised after it. Who knew that candle making could be so therapeutic. I see why Laura fell in love with candle making when she attended her first masterclass with Elise. I’ am so glad that I attended this class and look forward to purchasing a Maison Balzac candle in the future. Unfortunately, they do not have their own store but they are currently searching for a stockist in Canberra and they have stockists all over Australia including Internationally. You can also purchase online it just means you can’t smell the perfume beforehand but I can gurantee you that you will not be disappointed.

If you wish to attend to any of the masterclasses, today is the last class for candle making with Laura. However, there are still more masterclasses to come. See below:

Floral Paper Art Masterclass with Benja Harney
Sunday, 18th of September
11am and @pm

Wellness & Wellbeing Masterclass with Bianca Cheah
Saturday, 1st of October
10am & 1pm

Meditation Masterclass with Gary Gorrow
Saturday, 15th of October
10am & 1pm

Scotch & Watch with Mitchell Oakley Smith
Friday, 21st of October

Nutrition Masterclass with Jacqueline Alwill
Saturday, 29th of October
10am & 1pm

Laura mentioned that Benja’s masterclass will be absolutely insane and that it’s worth attending so I might have to look into it. Will I see you there?

Which masterclass are you thinking about attending?


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