What do Canberran’s even do in Canberra? Find out here.

I recently had a close friend come to visit me in Canberra for short five days.  I spent most of the five days being a “chauffeur” but to my surprise I had discovered a few new things while having Stephanie here and did a lot of things I had yet to do considering I have been living in Canberra for quite some time now.

If you have a friend or family member coming to Canberra to visit but you are stumped on what to do and where to take him/her then keep on reading to see where I took Stephanie whilst she was in town. Mind you, I wouldn’t have taken Stephanie to see the Australian War Memorial or Parliament House and I didn’t even know about the Royal Australian Mint if she never had mentioned about wanting to check it out.


I am a huge foodie so naturally all I ever wanted to do with Stephanie was take her to my favourite places to eat and perhaps try something new together as well. Below are the places that Stephanie enjoyed.

The Hamlet

You can’t come to Canberra and not check out The Hamlet, it’s a super cool and hip market surrounded by caravan food stalls. It even has a barber that Idrus goes to for his hair cut, mini art gallery and a little apparel store.

The Hamlet is right along Lonsdale Street in Braddon and is one store down from my favourite Op Shop called Designer Op Shop. Whenever I go to The Hamlet I always have to have a sneak peak in the store to see their new stock.

The best time to go is on a Friday or Saturday night but go early so you get a table as it does get busy.

IMG_4953 IMG_4957

Lunch on Mount Ainslie

Having lunch on Mount Ainslie was my first time and I couldn’t believe I never thought of it before and it’s perfect to take your friend or family member to  enjoy the beautiful view  over lunch or  breakfast.

Steph and I thought it would be great to get something from a bakery and drive up to Mount Ainslie so we decided to stop by Autolyse which is in Braddon along Lonsdale Street. I got myself a Chai Latte and meat pie while Stephanie got a latte and a meatball sub. We also got a chocolate cake to finish.

There were tables to sit on but you can’t really see the view from where the tables are located so we sat on the floor further down the road and away from other onlookers. It was great because we were able to admire the view of Canberra perfectly with no tree’s insight. The sun was out too so it was absolute beautiful, the only thing I disliked was the black birds eying me out – I somehow managed without freaking out too often.



It was my first time at Doubleshot and it was pretty great, it’s definitely a cool location to take your friend or family member for breakfast or lunch especially if you want to go somewhere for really good coffee. You can read more about my experience here.

Greased Monkeys

Idrus and I love Greased Monkey purely because they make the best Fried Chicken in town. We describe it as KFC Chicken but fresh and way better! We always order a Greased Burger and then three pieces of fried chicken with Habenero Mayo. We took Stephanie here on her last night in Canberra and even she was pretty excited and amazed at how delicious the chicken was. It’s the perfect location for a “greasy” burger.


Finding things to do in Canberra is not my forte but luckily Stephanie already knew what she wanted to do, below are the things that we did together.

Batesman Bay

It was mine and Idrus’ first time driving up to Batemans Bay and we thought it was a good time to go and to take Stephanie there too. I don’t know if it was just because we are unfamiliar of the town but we were so bored and we were only there for half a day. You can read more about the trip here.


Australian War Memorial

Visiting the Australian War Memorial was also my first time so it was cool to finally check it out. I don’t know how long we were in there but it felt like a life time. There are three parts and we only saw two, by the time we got to the third part we had to leave to pick up Idrus from work.

Royal Australian Mint

I didn’t even know about this place before, it was pretty interesting. Basically you learn how coins are made, it was pretty informative and you got to see the staff and machines in action.


Parliament House

Omgosh, if you are not into politics’ (like me) then you will find this place super boring but obviously I sucked it up because I wanted to cater to Stephanie but boy oh boy was I bored. We did a tour which took roughly around forty minutes but we still had half an hour to spare before the tour started so we roamed around for a little while as well. I really liked the interior of the main floor though where you first enter. I think the highlight was the marble printed staircase, haha. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t spot any photo worthy spots for an “OOTD” photo-shoot =P


Kingston Foreshore

I love Kingston Foreshore, we originally came here because Stephanie wanted to check out the Glassworks Museum but to our dismay, it was closed. We had the munchies though so we ordered a large basket of chips from Brodburgers and sat down for a little while before going for a walk around the lake. I actually came across a nice location here at Kingston Foreshore this time around where you can walk along the lake and sit down to admire the view. I never noticed this spot so it was quite nice and the weather was moderately chilly so it wasn’t too bad. We didn’t stay for long but I’d like to come back here again with a nice book and enjoy the atmosphere. If you’re lucky, maybe the ducks and black swans will join you.

Surprisingly, we didn’t do any shopping while Stephanie was here but just having her company brought back memories from when we were back at home in Darwin. All we did while she was here was laugh and laugh, there is never a dull moment or boring conversation with her.

Stephanie now lives in Queensland and the last time I saw her was actually roughly two years ago when I went to Brisbane to see her and attend the Katy Perry Prism Tour concert. She left to go to Sydney to visit another one of our friends the following week on a Wednesday and I’m not going to lie but I cried… haha. I have friends here in Canberra but they will never replace my friends from back home, it was really nice to see her and the fact that she flew all this way to visit me says a lot about our friendship. I miss her a lot, already!


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