Brunch at Local Press

Brunch by the foreshore with my Tim Tam


Hello my lovelies,

Welcome back to Grace & Coy, I hope your week has been good so far. Not long now until I make my departure to Darwin… I cannot wait!

So, if you saw on my instagram page on Sunday you would have noticed a delicious and mouth watering brunch I had with my dear friend Tamara.

I can finally say that I have visited this quirky and hip location and absolutely loved the experience.
As Tamara and I arrived, we noticed a fair few people waiting outside for a table. Luckily, the wait wasn’t
long and the line was moving quite quickly. The weather was absolutely divine on Sunday, it would have been perfect to sit outside and admire the foreshore whilst we enjoy our meal. However the table that became available was inside, which is also fine as well. As long as we got a table we were happy nevertheless.


The interior was mind blowing, the theme was practically decked out which is convenient as the location is right outside the foreshore. There was a huge wooden bench with wooden stools right in the centre of the cafe with further tables along the walls. Against the walls was another bench with colourful and vintage cushions to sit on as well as wooden and metal chairs for the other side of the table. Of course there was the same interior outside as well which is very eye catching, a lot of other viewers and diners even had their fur companion by their side. Cool and funky knick knacks are showcased throughout Local Press to further compliment the cafe. Also along the counter where you place your order and collect your table number displays a row of fresh and appetizing fruits and bakery delights. To say it was amazing is an understatement.

The service was exceptional which is always important anywhere you go. It had that hip and relaxed vibe which is amazing. The whole atmosphere was just fantastic, this is the type of cafes that I have been into as of late. It’s just a matter of finding someone to go with as Idrus’ doesn’t take these particular places to fancy. So naturally, when Tamara told me she was in town and we were arranging to catch up.. I instantly said “Brunch at Local Press”!

Ok, now for the best part. The food and drinks.
Silly me, for not thinking to take a photo of the menu in order for me to provide you information regarding my order in full detail. I am unable to find the current menu online as well as the menu actually changes by season which by the way I find exciting. I did however email Local Press if they could provide me a copy of the menu in order to provide full details of our meals.


First up, Tamara and I ordered Local Press freshly pressed juice (excuse the pun) each which is already prepared and placed in a wooden carton of ice right at the counter. The juice’s are poured in small little jars with a branded sticker on it with “Local Press”. Tamara got the beetroot, celery and ginger juice and I got the watermelon, strawberry and blood orange juice. My juice was absolutely delicious, I was trying to savoir it as much as I could. The gentlemen who took my order had said that this is the most popular juice yet, so I definitely made the right choice. Tamara enjoyed her juice too, she let me take a sip and my taste buds did not agree. You will have noticed an unpleasant expression in one of the images above. That is right after I had taken a sip from Tamara’s juice, what perfect timing that was. Maybe Tamara had expected the reaction and had the camera ready without me knowing. You sneaky you, Tamara!

With our amazingly fresh juice, we each had coffee as well. I believe Tamara had ordered an espresso while I ordered a Latte. I usually always order a cappuccino but I ordered the latte as I was hoping for a funky pattern in my latte but unfortunately I didn’t get the funky image in my coffee to take a funky photo of it. I was a little disappointed but the coffee was pretty bangin’ so I wasn’t complaining.

IMG_0799-700x503IMG_0805-700x525Alas, our food had arrived. Well actually, my food had arrived first. I think maybe the waitress had given Tamara’s meal to the table next to us which coincidentally one of the diners had ordered the same thing. We were a little bit annoyed, but mistakes happens so we didn’t let it get to us and become one of those unpleasant diners.
Tamara had ordered the “Wild Rice, Barley and Oat Porridge” which had all kinds of fruits inside and I had ordered the “French Toast” which also had its fair share of fruits and decadence on the plate. I was actually stuck between the french toast and the “Baked Chilli Corn Carne”, but with some help from the gentlemen who served me he had advised me to try out the French Toast and let me tell ya, it was the best decision. See below for further details regarding the meals we ordered.

 IMG_0807-700x525 IMG_0824-700x525 IMG_0845-700x525

The images above do not even do its justice, it was amazing. I am not a huge porridge fan but when I tried Tamara’s dish I actually really liked it. Tamara also had a try of my french toast and she also found it delicious as well. We were both very pleased with the dining and food experience and I am 100% sure that I speak for Tamara that we highly recommend you to try Local Press. Tamara and I agreed that the next time she is up in Canberra we will be visiting Local Press again but for lunch this time. I cannot wait, I think I might even go again some time and just buy another one of their pressed juice to-go.

And that is a wrap my fellow fashionista’s and lifestyle lovers, I hope you enjoy the rest of your week and the next time I write a new post I will be in Darwin. Yay!

Until next time,


On my plate: French Toast with strawberries, blueberries, blood orange, shaved coconut, almonds, marscapone & maple syrup (VG) $18.00 – There were oranges and pomegranates instead of strawberries

On Tamara’s plate: Wild Rice, Barley and Oat Porridge cooked in spiced chai tea with poached apples & pear, crushed anzac biscuits, coconut yoghurt, rhubarb, nuts & seeds (VG) $15.00


Kingston Foreshore, Canberra
Weekdays: 7:30am to 3:30pm
Weekends: 8:00am to 4:00pm

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Disclaimer: I take ownership to all images in this post unless otherwise stated

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