A Vibrant Breakfast on a grey day

The weather in Canberra has been pretty grey and depressing all week but it didn’t stop me from wanting to visit Local Press in Kingston to try their new Winter Menu.

You’re probably wondering why I’m not fasting but if you must know, it’s that time of the month and unfortunately fasting during that “time of month” is invalid. I’m kind of bummed if you ask me as I was getting use to my daily routine which has now been interfered because of mother nature.

Anyway, now that we got that out of the way lets talk about the new menu at Local Press.


The new menu featured a lot of healthy and homely meals to compliment the cold weather as it should. I did spot some familiar dishes such as the Green Pea Pancake which featured some new ingredients plus the Pearl Barley, Quinoa  and Oat Porridge which also featured some new deliciousness.

What caught my eyes first was the Veggie Ciabatta Breaky Roll that had a macerated avocado, truss tomato, basil, crumbed feta, chilli jam, baby spinach and a local free range fried egg. However, I thought I’d play it safe and resorted to trying out the new Wholefood Waffles that came with banana, poached pear, raspberries, strawberries, orange zest, roasted nuts, yoghurt and butterscotch sauce.

DSC04196 DSC04199

My friend had ordered the Veggie Ciabatta Breaky so I had the opportunity to give it a bite – It’s safe to say that I was kicking myself for not ordering my first pick. I did enjoy my waffles but it was packed full of sweetness which was a little overwhelming BUT it was yummy, nevertheless.

Accompanied with a large cappuccino in a cute bright blue mug and my Sunday morning was fulfilled.


I normally have a refreshing cold pressed juice with my order but none of the new flavours caught my attention so I gave it a miss. The lunch menu however, did catch my eye so you could potentially find me at Local Press again in the next coming weeks. I have my eyes on the Chana Masala Chick Peas Curry!


After that sneaky breakfast, I headed straight home – changed into something comfy and tucked back into bed while doing some light reading and working on a new project for Grace & Coy.

I hope your Sunday was as lovely as mine and Ramadan has been treating you kindly thus far.

See you on Saturday,


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