Canberran’s weekend getaway location. Is it what it’s cracked up to be?


This time last week Idrus, myself and Stephanie headed to Batemans Bay for the day to see what all the fuss is about. Every long weekend, Batemans Bay is all what Canberran’s would talk about.

It’s been a long time coming and since one of my close friends was in town to visit me I knew now was a good time as ever to make the trip and see if Batemans Bay is as amazing as everyone has made it out to be.

The original plan was to wake up super early and have breakfast at a cafe called Some Cafe which recently opened earlier this year. Bec from Inexplicable Wanderlust wrote a blog about it here to which of course made me more excited to check it out. We didn’t leave the house until 9am and the cafe is actually 30mins out of Canberra up north and Batemans Bay is more on the south side and a two hour drive so we thought it was best to give it a miss and head on to Batemans Bay instead. Plus, Bec wrote about a little cafe called Dojo Bread in Braidwood (one hour outside of Canberra) which is on the way to Batemans Bay so I thought we could go there instead.

To my disappointment, Idrus didn’t want to go here as there were no indoor seating and inside the cafe was very tiny and packed with probably five people (that’s how small the inside is). In his defense it was pretty cold and windy so I guess it was a smart idea to give it a miss also. Instead, we walked by a bakery called Braidwood Bakery on our way to Dojo Bread and decided to go there instead. Unfortunatley, I didn’t really enjoy it but Stephanie did and that’s really the main thing as she is the guest after all. I might road trip it to Braidwood again either with a friend or with Idrus, I wouldn’t mind going back anyway because the small town had pretty amazing backdrops for photoshoots if you know what I  mean.

After munching on Bolognese Pie, Danish, Sausage roll and a cup of coffee (not all to myself :P) we made our way to Batemans Bay. The drive was not so pleasant for Idrus and myself with all the tight corners driving down the mountains. It was absolutely beautiful driving through the greenery mountains but the feeling of nausea is not worth it. We were pleased to be on a straight road after the one hour of constant turning.

Alas, we made it two hours and a bit later on the coast… I can’t believe Canberran’s drive all this way for the beach. I’m not going to lie, it was pretty boring and we only stayed there for a day. Half a day to be exact, we had no idea what to do. Once we arrived, we parked the car along Clyde Street and made our way through the street and came across a little shopping centre and decided to check it out.

IMG_4912IMG_4923IMG_4940 IMG_4941

We admired the shore by the Mara Mia Walkway before making our way back into the car and drove down Beach Road to find this “beach” that Batemans Bay was suppose to have… We came across one beach only called Casey Beach but didn’t stay for long as we didn’t necessarily come here to lay on the beach or anything like that. To be honest, I wanted to eat out at Inne’s Boatshed which is suppose to be really good. We were going to check out Sunshine Bay and Surf Beach but we were pretty hungry and of course Idrus didn’t want to eat at Inne’s Boatshed so instead we ate at a restaurant next to it called Starfish Deli.

IMG_4932 IMG_4931

Overall, I don’t think the drive was worth it so I don’t know if I’d want to go back again but I am still pretty persistent to eat at Inne’s Boatshed so who knows, Idrus and I might head out there again sometime in the next couple of months. If we do decide to go through it again I think we would spend the night in Batemans Bay and stay at a villa by the beach so I could actually get myself a tan (and experience the “Batemans Bay” vibe that everyone talks about) under the sun in the comfort of my own villa and have privacy (Muslimah struggles). You can imagine how relieved we were to finally be back home.

Don’t let my experience stop you from making the drive to Batemans Bay as Idrus and I are not really into the whole “beach” scenery anyway. We like to check it out and take some photo’s but to actually spend the day out on the beach and play under the sun then no, it’s not our cup of tea. I also really hate the sand and how it gets stuck between your toes and all over your skin. I did come across a couple of cute cafe’s that look like they have a lot of potential so I think it’s also another reason to make me want to go back again. We’ll see anyway!

I hadn’t shared a vlog on my Youtube Channel in a while so I thought I’d blog the trip for you. If you would like to check it out then please do so, here.


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