Grace & Coy perfectly envisions the style and modest image that I wish to achieve in this ever-changing fashion industry. Grace & Coy is aimed to inspire women of all ages her natural knack for fashion styling. Grace & Coy has an unpredictable sense of style, cross between an androgynous and effortless aesthetic with a modern and feminine flare.

About Michaela

Since reverting to Islam in 2013 and always having had a knack for fashion, I struggled to find a way to dress stylish whilst staying modest. I saw a gap in the social world and found that there weren’t many or any Australian modest fashion bloggers to help inspire fellow local reverts like myself to find the creativity in modest dressing while staying on trend. In, came Grace & Coy which was established in 2015 and pays homage to my youngest sister and cousin – Isabella Grace and McCoy!

Before Grace & Coy was named as one of Canberra’s Most Stylish Instagrammers to follow in early 2017, I was once a shy and introverted Darwin girl and moved to Canberra in 2014. Moving to a larger city with a more of a fashion scene allowed me to be more creative and finding “my” personal style at the same time, adapting to modest fashion.

I wanted to further enhance my skills in the fashion industry so while I continued to build Grace & Coy’s brand identity and work full time, I completed an online course through Australian College of Professional and Styling and obtained a Diploma of Professional Styling in 2016. Followed by moving to Melbourne in 2017 to study at Melbourne Fashion Institute and added another Diploma in Applied Fashion Design and Merchandising, in 2018.

Currently based in Perth where I continue to further grow my brand and enhance my personal style, while also being a first time mum to the most gorgeous little human; you ever did see.

Coco Chanel once said “Fashion is not something that exists in dress’ only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”.

I couldn’t agree more, as I consider fashion as part of my lifestyle because if you look closely, fashion is a work of art and art makes up our surroundings. Grace & Coy is an androgynous personal blog with a modest lifestyle full of an obsession for artistic caffeine drinks, online shopping tips and tricks, blogging, travel and anything else my heart desires.

As a revert I aim to live a grace and coy lifestyle in a way that it will please our Creator.

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