Lemme teach you how to eBay!

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Ebay is every shopaholic’s holy grail! It’s your one stop shop for anything and everything, like anything that you could possibly imagine. Ebay will have it and if they don’t have it at that point in time, I can guarantee you they will have it available eventually.

You can find pre-owned products to brand new, it’s amazing and perfect for those who are bargain hungry.

I first discovered eBay around the same time I discovered online shopping and fell in love instantly. Don’t get me wrong, eBay and I have had our fair share of ups and downs but rest assured, we had more ups than downs. You can have your “ups” to by following my simple guide to eBay.

1| Sign up for PayPal & create an eBay account

The first thing you need to do before you decide to start shopping online and especially before you even think about buying anything on eBay is to sign up for a PayPal account. Not only does PayPal make it easier and fast to buy by saving your card details but they also cover you if anything unlucky was to happen. Fortunately for me, I haven’t had any issues and haven’t had to ever report anything but Idrus has had to do this twice already. Luckily, he paid via PayPal as they were able to recover the funds prior to contacting the seller first. If no response within a period of time, PayPal will give you your money back! #CHACHING

If a seller does not have PayPal as a paying option I would suggest not buying from them or contacting them to see if they will let you pay via PayPal.

Now that you have PayPal, all that is left is to create a profile account on eBay. I’m 99.9% sure you can’t buy anything via eBay without an account. Plus, life will be so much easier if you have an account anyway because then you can save searches, watch your favourite items if you’re still unsure about it and even sell your items to make that “cash money” so you can shop more on eBay – if you know what I mean….

2| Shopping for sold out or discontinued items

The best part is here, shopping! There are two types of people who shop on eBay. The first person is someone who is searching for a specific item and the second is someone who is browsing to their leisure. I do both! It hasn’t happened often but remember those Chloe Faye dupes with the Ring detailing? Seed Heritage had them for sale for around the $100 mark which is really cheap when you compare the price with the Chloe Faye but when you get it for $40 bucks it’s a whole other story. I knew I wanted the ring detailing bag from Seed Heritage (in black, which was sold out in store) for a while and when I was travelling to Perth I wanted one even more and took a chance by checking eBay. Alas, I found it and for not even a fraction of the price. Yup! I was over the moon and purchased it in a heart beat. Did I mention that it was brand new with it’s tag still intact?

Ebay is a great online shopping platform to also find items that are sold out or discontinued. All you need to know is the item name and brand and you should be on your way. It sucks that you missed out on a great piece that is no longer available so if you’re lucky, someone across Australia (or throughout the country) could be selling that specific piece that they no longer want. One shopaholic’s trash is another shopaholic’s treasure, I like to think.

3| Expensive labels for an affordable price

My fellow bargain hunters will understand the satisfaction of finding a piece from an expensive brand with an affordable price tag. I am still yet to find a Dachi Tailored Blazer by Camilla and Marc in a size 6 on eBay because I cannot justify paying $700 for it. I check every so often and that’s what you should do to if you are looking for a specific item, chances are it could turn up in your searches… one day 😛 You will just have to consider that it could either be brand spankin’ new or pre-owned. If it’s brand new and they are selling it for the same price to buy directly from the label then you might as well just purchase directly from the label. If it’s discontinued, then by all means… Make the plunge!

4| Read the description before bidding/buying and look at the images closely

Always, always, always check the description of the item before committing to purchase or bidding. This is where the seller is able to mention any damages, quality AND authenticity of the item so you know what to expect. You want to be 100% confident about the product because it really sucks receiving an item that was not as described. Looking at the images provided is just as important because you want to see the fault or stain if mentioned in the description but in case the seller forgot to mention it in the description you should check anyway.

I once bought a Cue blazer from eBay and I read the description plus checked the images thoroughly to only receive the item and find there is a button missing and there were rips in the interior of the blazer. I got the blazer for only $25.00 so it was a massive bargain considering it’s from Cue so I didn’t bother to file a report via PayPal (reason why you should pay via PayPal) but I could have if I really wanted to. I just gave the seller a really bad feedback 😛 which is important to also do whenever you purchase something. Ok, ok it’s not that important I’m just spiteful haha

This is a good example to show that things can always go wrong even when you do follow these steps but that’s why if you pay via PayPal you will always be secure. I could have got a refund on the blazer because the seller never mentioned in the ad that a button was missing and that there were rips in the interior as it was false advertisement on the seller’s part.

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5| You gotta bid it to win it

Some seller’s might have the option to “Buy Now” as a higher price but I suggest bidding because the bidding mark is always really low and there is always 95% chance of you winning the item anyway. If no one has bid on the item as yet, I’d place a bid as low as possible. If someone bids after you (could be in a few days time) I’d wait a few days, ideally closer to when the item is about to end so you have more chance of winning. If you’re stuck in a huge bidding war then I recommend bidding in the very last minute before the list is about to end to have more of a chance at winning. The feeling is indescribable when you win a bid even if you were the only person who bid on it.

If the seller has a “Make an Offer” method, definitely give it a go – The worst thing they can do is say no. I made an offer on the Kansas City Secret Shirt by Asilio the Label (which I had my eyes on for so long) and the seller accepted it. Come to mumma! – More about the purchase will be mentioned at a later date.

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6| There is more to life then just shoes and clothes

It’s true but I don’t mean it in the way that you think. I just mean that you can buy many other things on eBay that don’t relate to fashion. Like a new phone, phone case, vacuum cleaner and camera’s just to name a few. What ever you want, eBay has your back.

7| Check the sellers feedback and don’t be shy to contact the seller

This is why i suggest always leaving feedback on the seller because if you had a poor experience you should be a trooper to let your fellow bargain hunters know to keep a look out. If they had bad feedback regarding shipping, at least you are prepared for that but if you need the item within a certain time frame then I wouldn’t risk it. Use your discretion.

Don’t be shy to contact the seller if you have any concerns or questions. If there isn’t enough images and you want to see more, ask the seller. If you want to negotiate the price of the item, it doesn’t hurt to ask. What ever it is that you need, ask the seller!

Safe shopping, until next time.


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