5 Top Youtuber’s to Follow

So, you may have read my “5 Best Fashion Blogs to Follow” – Now you need to see my “5 Top Youtubers to Follow” and you are about to find out who they are, shortly!

In no particular order (except for the first one, she is on the top of the list =P) I collated five favourite Youtubers that I follow, religiously. They are a mix of humor, beauty and/or fashion so you will find a mixture of genres. However, they are all absolutely amazing and will no doubt put a smile on your face.




I came across Dina Tokio around the same time I had reverted to Islam, I really enjoyed her Hijab Tutorials and Fashion Lookbooks but most of all I really enjoyed her personality and humor. For some people (like Idrus) may find her a “wee bit” too much but I find her so funny and crazy but not only that, she is 100% genuine and honest. I also really admire her style as she brings a lot of versatility in what she wears and I feel it resembles the same as mine. I will admit, she is a huge inspiration for when I have those days where I don’t know what to wear.


Dina also shares a separate Youtube Channel with her husband, Sid Kaan. Like Dina, he is also pretty wacky and humorous and between the two – they are always bouncing off each other. Not literally, of course. For the last couple of months, Sid and Dina have started a new segment and it has been ongoing for quite some time now where they have their viewers send through an email with any personal issues that they may have. Sid and Dina will than provide advise and feedback for the anonymous person to assist with resolving their issues via a video. Sometimes it can be funny and sometimes it’s a serious matter and they really do their best to provide insightful advise.

Aside from that, you will also find videos about beauty, plenty of vlogs, random challenges, Dina cutting up Sid’s wallet plus bleaching Sid’s hair without him knowing and many more. They also share a gorgeous baby named Hana although due to privacy concerns, they never show her face.


Dina also has a Fashion Blog but to be honest, she is highly active on Youtube. She also uploads a lot on her instagram page. Last but not least, Dina has her own clothing line called Dina Torkia but she has also just started a new line with her twin sister 2C (yes, that’s her name) which is called Doosy Fil Tina. Amazing, huh?

Yes, Dina is a Muslimah but I feel she brings a lot to the table for even non-Muslims. I highly recommend you checking out her channel. 


Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 7.08.29 pm

If you don’t know who Liza is than you must live under a rock! Surely you would have come across a video on your facebook newsfeed of her dancing to “Worth it” by Fifth Harmony while she was driving? Doesn’t ring the bell? Pause and watch this and “Cool for the Summer’ by Demi Lovato here? This was when I fell in complete and utterly love with this random little brown girl with gorgeous brown locks.

Honestly, I thought she was an average joe who was goofing around and decided to share a funny video on facebook. I than found her on the Musically app and well it’s safe to say that my life was complete. I found her AND she had just started her own Youtube Channel… Yes!

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 7.08.42 pm

Liza has only been youtubing for 11 months and has already gained over 2000,000 subscribers. Holy moly, right?

So, you probably would know what to expect from the two videos I linked above… You will only find ridiculously hilarious videos by Liza rolling on the road to Starbucks, finding bargains and comparing prices between Target and the Dollar Store plus plenty more. She is one unique individual if I do say so myself and if you are down in the dumps and need some cheering up plus appreciate a silly pun here and there? Than head on over to Liza’s channel, she is bound to bring a smile to your face. Yes, I am aware I have a strange humor. I’ve heard it all before =P.

P.s. Liza uploads a new video every Wednesday but for all my fellow Aussies out there, best to check on a Thursday.



June is a fellow Darwin girl like myself whom I have met a couple of times when I was in High School but didn’t really get the chance to get to know as I was super shy back in the day. I came across her Youtube Channel a year or so ago and have been following her ever since.

What caught my attention the most was her sense of style, I thought it was super chic and cute and I really enjoyed her Shopping Haul videos. She had stopped Youtubing around the time I came across her blog and only less than a year ago has she started youtubing again which was super exciting. She youtubes mostly about fashion and her love for Designer bags and I will say is the reason I have fallen deeply addictive to Louis Vuitton and now Chanel. Thanks June =P


If you are a lover of Designer Bags and Fashion than Heyyy June is the one to follow. Not only does June do videos but she also has a Fashion Blog which has recently been revamped and is worth a look.



Habiba is a fellow Muslima and was discovered around the same time I had discovered Dina Tokio as mentioned above. Like Dina, you can find a lot of beauty, fashion and real talk videos on Habiba’s channel as well as vlogs from when she goes traveling.


She also has a blog which went live not that long ago and is worth checking it out but I feel she is more active on her Youtube Channel.

I just have to add that she is also a fellow Portuguese gal like myself, just sayin’!



Tess Christine is this super cute chick all the way in America who shares mixture of videos as well but she does focus a lot on fashion which I enjoy as she does Shopping Hauls, Lookbooks and “Get the Look for Less” (an inspo for my blog). I think the first video I came across was one of her Get the Look for Less videos and I fell in love. Her vlogs are super awesome and I do enjoy her beauty clips at times too.

Tess has a really girly and boho style which is super cute, not my kind of style but I love the style on her. I also just really like her accent if I do say so myself.

If you enjoy her “Get the Look for Less” videos than check out her blog as for each video she does she always shares a blog with a rundown on the items she had purchased and linking you to where you can purchase the item or one similar.

P.s. If you celebrate Halloween and need a kick ass costume then Tess has shared some awesome ideas over the last couple of years which are worth checking out for some inspiration.


That is a wrap, my friends – I really hope you enjoyed this blog and have found a new Youtuber to obsess over. To be honest, I thought the five Youtubers were all going to be Muslims as I mostly just watch a lot of hijab tutorials but now that I have reflected on my top favourites I now realized I do have a range of selections to share.

I’ve been super slack and unorganized for the last two weeks with my blogs but hopefully as of next week I should be on a roll again and be a little more motivated. I want to try and get some “OOTD” shots this weekend for you although I do have a lot of great ideas for my Youtube Channel too.

Who are your favourite Youtubers that you enjoy watching? I’d love to check them out too, leave their name and link down below in the comment section.

Until next time,


Photo’s sourced via Days of Dolls, Dina Tokio, Tess Christine, Heyyy June, Habiba Da Silva and Liza Koshy

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