Everybody has that one particular item that they can’t leave the house without. Whether it be their phone, money, favourite lipstick or even snacks for on the go.

Today, I thought I would share five things (in no particular order) I can’t leave the house without. I will than briefly explain why I hadn’t included the usual such as: wallet, cash etc

1. PM Agenda

Ever since I purchased the Louis Vuitton PM Agenda, I can honestly say that I carry it in my bag every single day. Even on the weekend and when I travel to Melbourne or Sydney.

The PM Agenda is so small and compact that it is a perfect traveling essential that fits nicely in any handbag.

I can’t tell you what’s in my PM Agenda at this point in time as I want to do a video where I show you how I have organized it. However, subscribe to my Youtube Channel to stay tuned with future videos.


2. Phone

I think I speak for everyone that no one can leave their phone behind. It’s a form of technology to keep you connected to not only your friends and family but even everyone around the world via social media.

I use up most of my data and battery usage by staying up to date with my emails. I rather delete all my email subscriptions while I can and also I stay connected with my followers on instagram too.

We are in that day and age now where we store all our information in our phones, can transfer funds between banks, play games and many more, it’s no wonder we can’t leave our home without it.

The two times I have left my phone at home since moving to Canberra, I can honestly tell you right now. I felt lost, disconnected and naked. There, I said it!

3. Hand sanitizer

I find, as I got older I became more and more conscious of germs. I now cannot leave the house without my trusty sanitizer.

Previously I used good old Dettol but now I very much prefer the Palmolive hand sanitizer as it has a nice and subtle smell without that strong alcohol smell. My favourite is the Fig and coconut frgarance.

Hand sanitizer comes in handy for any unforeseen circumstances. For example, you have just found yourself encountered with someone who is sick and you shook their hand or you had to use the public bathroom to only find when you get to the sink, there isn’t any soap left. Palmolive hand sanitizer to the rescue.


4. Paw Paw Cream

I have the bad case of dry lips and am 100% certain it’s because I do not drink enough water through out the day (guilty) but it is what it is.

I swear Idrus and myself have at least three or four paw paw creams in the house. I once even had paw paw cream in a tub but ended up throwing it out because it wasn’t being in use. I also very much prefer the Lip Applicator Tube as I find it most efficient and I don’t have to get it on my fingers.

It’s definitely something I need to keep my lips moisturized, it’s also perfect for soothing if my lips are so dry to the extent my lips hurt.

5. Earrings

I had been wearing the one particular pair of earrings for as long as I can remember and never took it off unless I was going out one evening and wanted to wear a different pair.

It was only until recently had it broke and I didn’t want to risk losing it one day as it was a Christmas gifted to me from my Nanna some time ago.

I now have to choose a pair of earrings each day which sometimes I find myself forgetting to put some on.

Due to always having worn earrings all my life, I find that I feel “exposed” and naked if I don’t wear a pair of earrings. I need to buy another everyday pair of earrings that can be worn in the shower without getting rusty or dirty.


So there you have it guys, five items that I cannot leave the house without – I hope you liked it.

If you’re wondering why I didn’t include the usual such as cash or my wallet for that matter. I do bring my wallet with me when I go to work but on the weekends, I don’t always bring it. Especially if I’ am using my Pochette Metis as my wallet doesn’t fit. Also, Idrus is the “accountant” in our relationship and looks after all our finances and money because I don’t trust myself, ha! So I don’t need to bring my card, Idrus also drives most of the time so I don’t need my drivers license.

Oh, and who carries cash these days? No body got time to get cash out all the time.

What are your five things that YOU can’t leave the house without?


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