5 Best Fashion Blogs to Follow

If you are a fellow fashion lover such as myself than I’m sure you have a list of favourite fashion bloggers that you follow, religiously. It doesn’t have to be a huge list but you must have one or two that you look forward to read when there’s new content.

Everyone has their own reasons as to what they look for in a fashion bloggers, blog. It could be that you really enjoy the way they write or perhaps you adore their personal style. Maybe they provide “How to style” content and share tips and tricks – whatever the reason, you have your specific favourite fashion bloggers that you genuinely enjoy reading.

In no particular order, I thought I would share with you my top 5 favourite Fashion Bloggers that I follow and enjoy reading. Perhaps you already know about them or maybe you don’t and I have just shared a new blogger for you to add to your list. Whatever the reason is, I hope you enjoy it and love them as much as I do.

A Stylish Moment


Jem Mrdak is a fellow Canberran blogger and is the founder of A Stylish Moment and Dak & Co. I enjoy reading her blogs and never miss a post not to mention she is genuinely a top chick and had the pleasure of meeting a couple of times here in Canberra.

A Stylish Moment shares all things fashion which can include “OOTD” and “How to’s” which are super great for inspiration and to get some fashion advise. The best part is, if you are in a fashion crisis or have a wedding coming up but don’t know what to wear – she has a series called “Ask Jem” and she will answer it for you via writing a blog post about it for all to see. This is a great way to engage with her readers and make her readers feel valued.


Not only does A Stylish Moment write about fashion, she also writes about beauty, lifestyle and blogging which I thoroughly enjoy as well.

I highly recommend signing up to A Stylish Moment’s newsletter so you won’t ever miss a post – she sends a newsletter weekly were she gives you a quick rundown on all the activity at A Stylish Moment on a weekly basis.

Miss Gunner


I don’t even know where to begin… Miss Gunner is the gorgeous Thai blogger who is based in Sydney. With over 170K followers on instagram and recently started her blog at Miss Gunner this time, last year I can gurantee she will be the top Australian Blogger before you can say “Australian Fashion Blogger”. She is a force to be reckon with, I promise you!

What I love about Ashley is her versatility approach to fashion and she isn’t afraid to mix and match different colour tones and textures. She can pull off any look that is in the fashion book and is a huge fashion inspiration for myself and obviously to 170k other fashionistas around the world.


Like A Stylish Moment, Ashley also blogs about lifestyle and travel on her website all the while providing amazing tips and “how to’s” about fashion. She is definitely worth following as she has come along way since the day I first came across her instagram page a couple years ago. She is most certainly a blogger that I get super excited about when a new post goes live on Miss Gunner.

Although, Miss Gunner doesn’t have a newsletter subscription – she does have bloglovin’ which is kind of the same thing anyway so I highly recommend adding her on your list.

Check out my previous blog where I featured Miss Gunner herself as “Muse of the Month” here.

Winston & Willow


The blogger behind Winston & Willow is the stunning Charlotte Bridgeman who is actually the reason why I am blogging, today! I came across Winston & Willow many years ago, around the time instagram was introduced and I have been following her ever since. When my blog first went live, I contacted her to request permission so I can add her logo onto my website under “Favourite Bloggers” and she replied accepting my request and was really friendly and genuine with her response.


Winston & Willow has recently relocated to the Big Apple and previously resided between Sydney and Melbourne. What really resonated me towards Winston & Willow was the way she wrote in her posts and her style was so feminine and minimalist with a pop of colour. She has this flawless and effortless beauty about her that I can’t help but girl crush and like I said…. She is the reason I am here today, blogging! I guess you can call her my “Blogging Mum”, ha!


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

You didn’t think I wasn’t going to add my favourite Muslim Fashion Blogger, now did you? Ascia_AKF is the gorgeous Muslim Fashion Blogger from Kuwait and is well known for her effortless turban hijab and of course her gorgeous and handsome little man, Adam.

I resonated with Ascia because her style is so versatile and she is also known to mix and match her colour tones as well as prints.


Ascia blogs at The-Hybrids with her husband Ahmad and has recently revamped their website due to unforeseen circumstances. I’m not complaining though, The-Hybrids new look is very modern and monochromatic and super easy to navigate with a lot of new features that they didn’t have before.

The-Hybrids are definitely worth staying tuned for as Ascia will be sharing all things fashion, beauty, lifestyle as well as all things that fellow Mum’s would like to read about while Ahmad will cover all the manly stuff for your hubby or boyfriend. They even have a Youtube Channel which I also absolutely love because Ascia is just so cute, I can’t even get enough of her.

Ahmad and Ascia are basically the perfect duo who reminds me of ‘Kimye” but you know… down to earth and just pure perfection! Get amongst it, guys!

They All Hate Us


If you are feeling down in the dumps and need some cheering up or you have an art project coming up but are lacking inspiration than “They All Hate Us” is the blog to follow.

Having started between two best friends, Elle and Tash – to secretly share inspiration or favourite images during working hours without crashing the server. Yup, that happened! They told me themselves at a fashion event that occurred last year in September. Read all about it here.

After that, “They All Hate Us” skyrocketed and received a very positive response which lead to having a strong following from all around the world.

Not only do they share moodboard images on a daily basis (and sometimes more than once a day) they also have a “shop” page where each month they provide 10 “must-have” key pieces and you are able to purchase directly from their site. I haven’t purchased anything from their site before but am confident it will be a positive experience as I have personally met the beautiful and stylish ladies and found them to be so professional yet super fun and bubbly.

If don’t like reading so much and prefer to check out blogs with images instead then “They All Hate Us” is the perfect fashion blog for you to stay up to date with. Go on, follow them now!IMG_2291

So that concludes with my 5 best fashion blogs to follow, stay tuned for my 5 best Youtubers to follow sometime in June. I cannot wait to share them with you.

Until next time,


Photos via @missgunner, @theyallhateus, The-Hybrids, Winston & Willow and A Stylish Moment

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