the Wedgwood High Tea Brunch

Spending the weekend in style

This time last week, I attended the High Tea at the Wedgwood Tea Room and was accompanied by my close friend Shashi who traveled to Canberra all the way from Darwin.

I first heard about the Wedgwood High Tea by the amazing Bec from Inexplicable Wanderlust. Bec is a fellow Canberran blogger such as myself where she blogs all things travel and lifestyle. Most of the amazing restaurants and cafes I visit are influenced by Bec (she never disappoints) and of course when I read her blog “Five Reasons to try High Tea at the Wedgwood Tea Room”  I knew I had to check it out for myself and experience the delicious and succulent jam drops that she raved about.


Sadly, the High Tea was only for a short period of time as it wrapped up during the long weekend – 28th of March but luckily, Wedgwood Tea Room still commences – it just won’t include the High Tea experience.

Just a quick and short rundown in quote of Bec –

“This summer, the NGA has partnered with Wedgwood to bring the Wedgwood Tea Room to life in celebration of all things Tom Roberts. “

Now, to share my experience.. continue on reading


Shashi and I had a little trouble locating the Wedgwood Tea Room – we had a booking for 11:00am but finally found it at 10 past.

We were greeted by a very lovely waitress who asked for my details and lead Shashi and myself to our table which we were lucky enough to be seated in a private corner where our table and chairs were faced towards the window providing a lovely view through the floor to ceiling windows.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately our view did not have the Sculpure Garden and Lake Burley Griffin as expressed by Bec but at least we got a window seat 😉

As I looked around I couldn’t help but admire the interior of the Wedgwood Tea Room – The space was so elegantly arranged with gorgeous blue velvet seating and crisp white tablecloths.

DSC012811 DSC01290DSC01295

The waitress explained about the High Tea and offered us a coffee or tea – I ordered my regular cappuccino and Shashi ordered herself a chamomile tea. We then advised the waitress that we would like to order the High Tea which the tea and coffee was included in the price – $43.00

As Bec had expressed in her blog, the China was impeccably to die for – I myself have never had the liberty of drinking from a beautiful fine China so I was in China heaven, guys! I think I have found my new obsession.

Now.. for the moment I am sure you have all been waiting for – the….. savory and sweets!

DSC01300 DSC01298

I don’t even know where to begin – Bec was not lying about the Jam Drops though, they are too die for. So tasty and fluffy, the lavender sugar definitely gave the shortbread jam drops an extra “umph” to the tongue.

The Ribbon sandwiches with citrus poached chicken plus herb mayonnaise was very light and simplistic, Shashi also really enjoyed this one.

I found the Petite Peach Melba Cake with white peach and buttercream very delightful as did Shashi but I am not completely sold that Shashi enjoyed the Dame Nellie Melba’s sublime opera cake the way I did.


At this point, I ordered myself a refreshing peppermint tea to wash down the sweetness in my palette and to also enjoy it with the next best thing on the menu – The Freshly baked buttermilk scones with local berry preserve and double cream.. I’m just going to leave that there – I didn’t get to enjoy it as much as I hoped as I saved it for last but the next diners were about to arrive in just 10mins so Shashi and myself thought it was best to end our experience there. I still got to enjoy a bit of my scones, nevertheless.

Mmmm.. did your mouth water? Mine did as I expressed my experience.

The Wedgwood High Tea was my first High Tea experience but I 100% strongly feel that Wedgwood Tea Room has really set the bar high for me.

Until next time,


P.s. If you have never experienced a High Tea before and missed out on the High Tea special at Wedgwood Tea Room, Ricardo’s Cafe offer a High Tea service for $35.00.

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