Canberra’s natural soy candle made from the heart



Recently I was gifted a candle by a Canberra based soy candle company called Song Of Oya and although I don’t celebrate Christmas, I know majority of my viewers do.

Co-founder Bec is also a blogger over at Inexplicable Wanderlust and is one of my favourite travel bloggers to date. I use to always check out her blog to find out new cafes in good old Canberra too.

So, in saying all that; I wanted to go far and beyond for Bec and capture some great images. Featuring the Gingerbread candle that she gifted to me. Which by the way, smells a lot like Christmas 😉

Song Of Oya stands out from the rest with their Angelic Reiki healing studio which aims to cater to you with a down-to-earth approach to your journey of healing. The Angelic Reiki healing practice is also the inspiration behind their soy candles. You can expect that everything they put into their Angelic Reiki healing practice is also put into every single one of their candles. You are bound to feel the love and care in your home when you lit one of these babies up.

The third reason why I love Song Of Oya is because not only are the soy candles made with love and tender care but they are also inexpensive with an expected time to burn 30 hours.

And lastly, you can’t go past a natural soy wax candle poured in a white glass jar with dark timber lid. Effortless!

If I still haven’t won you over with these four reasons. Then how bout’ getting 10% off your order which ends tonight at midnight? Use ‘XMAS10‘ at checkout and get started on your Christmas shopping.




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