half a century of important fashion lessons

I was on school break a week before my birthday so I had planned ahead and asked for an extra week off to spend my birthday in Perth with Idrus. We didn’t do anything special since we are tight on money but we did do a little window shopping that nearly lead me to buying a Louis Vuitton wallet or Gucci sneakers with our savings. Surprisingly I conquered my desires and Idrus and I made our way to have lunch at Meet & Bun which was de-li-cious!

I came across a blog post months ago via The Sunday Mode where Julia shared 22 things she had learned about fashion in 22 years and I thought that was really clever. So, I wanted to share what I had learned in my 26 years too in honor of my 26th birthday.

  1. I’m too short for culottes, but I’m going to wear them anyway
  2. Just because you don’t get sucked into trends, it doesn’t mean you’re not fashionable
  3. Following trends doesn’t make you any less creative in your individual style
  4. And if it’s out of trend.. Who cares! Just wear the damn thing.
  5. I don’t care what anybody says, stripes are here to stay
  6. Oversized shirts, dresses, jumpers you name it. They’re my jam!
  7. Outfit’s are suppose to make you feel good about yourself, so you wear what ever the heck you want girlfraaannnn
  8. Number’s don’t matter!
  9. Invest in staple pieces, it’s worth it
  10. If someone tells you, you have too many shoes, bags or clothes in general. Don’t listen to them, you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life
  11. Fashion is suppose to be fun and exciting so make sure you are open minded about trying new things
  12. HM, TopShop and Zara may be cheap but is it really worth it?
  13. Quality over quantity
  14. It’s ok to wear your special pieces for an insignificant day
  15. Louis Vuitton is addictive
  16. Ballet flats are cute but they just don’t look nice on me
  17. I wish I kept my flared jeans from many years ago (Not that it would fit, anyway)
  18. I’m nicer when I like my outfit
  19. Wait for it to go on sale
  20. Or wait for major sales that occur throughout the years i.e. VOSN, Black Friday
  21. You can never have too many nude lipsticks
  22. I love heels but I love comfort more
  23. Purging your wardrobe is good for the soul
  24. Selling items you purged is good for the bank 😛
  25. Buying pre-loved items is not frowned upon
  26. Stay true to yourself & your beliefs

Photography by Sherlock Diary

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