Time to invest in technology

This year, I have decided that I will try and invest in a couple or perhaps several (if my bank account allows me) technological equipment for both my blog and Youtube to further develop my skills and content.

As you may or may not know, 96% of the time my outfit images are self-portraits meaning that I take them myself. I have been meaning to purchase a few things to help me make this less tedious and faster for me.

Although I will be in Melbourne later this year and I will have my sisters to help be my ‘go-to’ photographers, I will be responsible to take my outfit photos when I officially move to Perth in 2018.

For Youtube, I only need one or two things that will provide better quality videos but enough of the small talk and lets begin.

Canon EF 50 mm F1.8 STM Lens

First and foremost and on top of the wishlist is the Canon EF 50mm F1.8 STM Lens. Ever wonder how your favourite fashion blogger blurs out the background in their images? This lens does the job! You can certainly achieve the blurred background with whatever lens you already have but it’s tedious and personally for me, hard to figure it out. As mentioned before, I take all my photo’s myself so attempting the blurred background is just far too difficult and adding more time to the already tedious task of self-portraiting.

JB HI FI $199.99 or Ted’s Camera’s $169.95


A self timer is second on the wishlist and surprisingly affordable via eBay. It’s pretty self explanatory and something I really need to purchase. I am thinking about purchasing a interval self timer. It’s a little hard to explain but rest assured it will making taking photo’s a breeze.


The tripod that I currently use is broken and not durable but I have made do all year. Now that it’s a new year, it’s time to upgrade and purchase a better and stronger tripod that isn’t broken.

My first and current tripod was purchased back in high school and it was one that I purchased based on affordability. This time, I want to be strategic and choose a tripod that will meet my needs and use. That being said, I currently don’t have any tripods to share with you today as I don’t know which tripod I should get. I prefer to speak to a professional sales assistant and get their advice and recommendation.

I basically am looking for a tripod that is durable yet lightweight, comes with a bag but not mandatory, suitable for self-portraits but can also use to record videos for my Youtube Channel. If it’s suitable for flatlays too then it’s a huge plus. Any recommendations or suggestions ?


It’s been roughly a year and a couple of months since I uploaded my first Youtube Video. Therefore, I think it’s time I pick up my game and invest in a ring light to provide better lighting and quality in my Youtube videos.

As a first timer ring light purchaser I am honestly happy to suffice with an affordable one for the mean time just in case I decide I don’t want to do Youtube videos anymore which is something I have been thinking about as of late.

Ebay will be my source of purchase as well since you can find ring light’s at a variety of price ranges.


Final Cut Pro is a movie editing software that costs $500.00 – I’m not even kidding the slightest but it’s a really good software that had a variety of different features that iMovie doesn’t have. I tried this software earlier in 2016 for 30 days and I really enjoyed it but to fork out $500.00 for a software doesn’t cut it for me.

Is there anything else that I should add to my wishlist? Leave your answer in the comment box down below.

Image sourced via Pixabay

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