As you may or may not know… Idrus and I spent nine days in Perth and we came back home on Monday night.

This was my first time visiting Perth and to be frank – I had heard a lot of mixed opinions about Perth. A lot of people had told me that I would love it and that it is beautiful but than the other half had told me it’s.. excuse my french. Shit!


After spending nine days in Perth I learned that both opinions were wrong. It’s not as beautiful as some have expressed to me but it’s not crap either. (No offense to any Perth lovers out there)

In my personal opinion, I felt that Perth had a lot of similarities to Darwin but it was much, much bigger and spread out. However, I did see it’s potential and beauty.

Prior to me jetting off to Perth, I tried to google blogs about what is recommended to do, eat or see whilst holidaying in Perth. To my dismay, I couldn’t find anything worth reading so I thought it was fitting to put together a list of things to do in Perth from my experience for anyone else who is visiting Perth for the first time.

Not only will this be a perfect blog to share ideas on what to do in Perth but you get to see what I got up to as well so it’s kind of like a double blog, don’t you think?


Spend the day with great company at Trigg Beach and set up a cute little picnic along the grass area OR go all “ozy” and have a BBQ on the public barbies. It is pet friendly, so make sure you don’t leave your furry friends behind and bring them along. They will love it!


Head on over to Fremantle for breakfast. Idrus and I had brunch at Gino’s Cafe which was alright besides the fact that my table got bombarded with seagulls the moment Idrus stepped away from the table. If you know me well enough than you will know that I am absolutely shit scared of birds. They are pure evil! I basically legged the scene, they were all flying in left, right and centre. Luckily, this happened after we had finished our meal but sadly I did not get to finish my coffee. Not to worry, the Coffee Club was right across the road on Market Street so Idrus and I headed over there and ordered another coffee. Make sure you take a moment to look up the ceiling once your inside as the Coffee Club had beautiful interior and Chandelier’s hanging from the ceiling. Absolutely breathtaking.



If you are a lover of books, especially if they are secondhand than do check out Elizabeth’s Secondhand Bookstore that is right across the road from Gino’s Cafe on South Terrace. The store had a variety of books up for grabs and everything was sorted accordingly, making it easy to find what you are looking for. Given that they have the book in store, obviously!



If sneakers and/or trainers are your thing than check out KS1 Footwear on Collie Street. You will find all kinds of stock for males, females and children. You can find shoes, clothing & hats from brands like Timberlands, Adidas, Converse and Dickies just to name a few.


If that’s not your thing than walk back to Market Street and check out a boutique called Asylum which only opened less than a month ago but I think will build a strong following before we know it.

Asylum is a men’s and female’s clothing boutique which stock a selection of international sellers such as MM6 by Maison Margiela, Kara, NOM*D, Nudie Jeans and many more.

The gentlemen who greeted us on the day we visited who I believe could be the store owner named David was very friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend visiting the store if you get the chance to not only meet David but to also see the minimalist interior of the boutique. Otherwise, you can purchase your favourite items online.



Walk to Captains Lane and while you are heading there be sure to really take in on the scenery. Fremantle has amazing old architecture which actually takes me back during my time in Porto. It is a fantastic location for Fashion Bloggers to take “outfit photo’s” too.

Once you get to Captains Lane you will find the Round House which was the first permanent building that was built in the Swan Colony. It was built in the late 1830’s before opening in 1831 and is the oldest building that still stands in Western Australia. Disclaimer: I totally googled this information haha

The whole point of checking the Round House is because the view on the top is AMAZING!


I just had to share a typical Fashion Blogger “shoot” location for ya’ll that really had my heart pumpin’.

Before heading back to your car, swing past Henry Street and find a private townhouse space which is secured with a black fence and brick walls. Get yourself an outfit photo here as it is very rustic and vintage, I absolutely loved it. Especially since it is Autumn so the leaves were brown and golden.

If a gorgeous grey cat walks by, don’t be afraid to say hello. If you’re a sucker for animals, of course.



If you love a great brunch location like myself than The Sparrows Nest is worth an early start to your day. The coffee is pretty good and the breakfast I ordered was absolutely delicious. The first day we went to The Sparrows Nest was spent eating outside of the cafe as the weather was perfect. Deni and myself ordered the Sparrow’s Scramble which is a toasted bagel, three eggs scrambled with danish feta and chives and toasted tomato with fresh rocket on the side. Idrus ordered the pancakes but he really liked my dish the most.

The breakfast was that good that we ended up going for the second time a few days after.


The Sparrows Nest was not afraid to go all out with the rustic, hipster and vintage interior. You will find old and dirty metal chairs with an old rustic thin cushions placed outside. Provided is an old vegetable or fruit can (cleaned of course) with your cutlery and napkins. The whole set up was… interesting if I do say so myself.


After enjoying your delicious Sparrows Scramble, walk down Albany Highway until you come across Ms Demeanour Boutique. I didn’t buy anything, but I wanted too. They stocked some amazing pieces and everything is all affordable.

They didn’t stock any brands that were familiar to me but I still think it’s worth the look to get yourself some affordable and trendy pieces.


If you hadn’t eaten yet and just wanted to skip brunch and head straight to Ms Demeanour Boutique than definitely check out Bintang for lunch which is one shop down from The Sparrows Nest. Bintang is an authentic Indonesian cafe that create the most delicious Indonesian food and it’s affordable. You will feel like your back in Bali for sure!


Another brunch location that I highly recommend is Cedar Cafe in Cannington. Cedar Cafe is a halal cafe as well so it’s perfect for Muslim’s.

My favourite thing about Cedar Cafe is that they had beef rashers which is basically like bacon but its not as salty and it’s halal! Fellow reverts can understand the excitement I have for beef rashers.

I ordered the Big Breakfast which came with eggs, beans, sausages, mushrooms, beef rashers (ask for extra if you want more than one) and turkey bread.

The coffee was pretty good too!


Go shopping at Garden City Shopping Centre which is located in Booragoon.


If you want to do something a little more social with your friends in the evening than head back to Cedar Cafe and order yourself a couple of flavoured shisha. If you don’t like shisha than still go and have a nice and quiet evening to enjoy the company.

It is a very low key and relaxed environment so you won’t have to worry about any drunk diners as Cedar Cafe is halal as previously mentioned.

Deni was kind enough to pay for all three shisha’s which came to a total (from memory) $60.00 and we got them in the flavour of tropical, grape and double apple and mint.



Go shopping in the city, make sure you wear comfortable shoes as you could be on your feet all day!



Hillarys Boat Harbour is a great family day location so Idrus and the family drove to Hillarys on Mothers Day for lunch. It was a long ass drive from the house so make sure you bring some good beats for the ride.

Make sure you eat at Toscanini’s and order the Seafood Platter. DO NOT order anything else BUT the Seafood Platter, please! I promise you, you will have a party in your mouth!

I didn’t know what to expect but since we were at a Harbour I knew I wanted seafood and boy oh boy was it delicious. Shout out to my brother in law, Eko for paying for the lunch and taking us there. It was fantastic and worth the drive!

Walk around after you eat to allow your stomach to digest. Whilst we walked around I did come across some cute boutiques which I see myself shopping at. Rnay Clothing and Frankii was super crowded so I didn’t get a chance to have a thorough look but I could tell had some amazing and trendy pieces.


That’s a wrap, guys! I hope you liked this series and will have something to do on your next visit to Perth or if it’s your first time. I did vlog here and there so keep a look out for a video on my Youtube Channel.

I didn’t have any money to do some shopping but I think next time I will save some money to go on a big shopping spree.

I am sure there is PLENTY more things to do in Perth but the fifteen that I mentioned above are the things I got the opportunity to do myself.

If you have been to Perth already, what is your favourite place to eat, shop or see? I’d love to know for my next trip!


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