Spring is the season to bring out your inner feminism


Spring, the season I have been anxiously waiting for all through winter; the season where all the flowers blossom in its natural beauty. The season where the weather finally starts to warm down and the sun is at its brightest. Yes, spring is my favourite season of the year. Including autumn, of course but I’ve already discussed autumn here – its springs turn to shine now!

The reason I love spring so much (this also refers to autumn too) is because the weather is “just right” – It’s not too hot and not too cold and for a Muslimah its almost like heaven because then we’re not sweating it off in our long sleeve tops and trousers or jeans. It’s perfect!

I am also one who loves my outerwear, I love wearing bombers, denim jackets and blazers so to still be able to wear these pieces when it’s not winter, is preferable (for me).

To me, spring is the season where you can bring out your inner girly and feminism style that you have been hiding away underneath your coats and jackets during winter. When I think of spring, I instantly think of bright colours, tan and white in particular. Sandals, straw string hats and super cool sunglasses. You can’t forget the off the shoulder tops and bell sleeve pieces too.


Today I bring you 15 pieces that I think are “spring” material, I also made it so you could easily mix and match the pieces together for this season. You want to know the best part? Most of the pieces I’m about to show you can also be worn in summer too. #winning


1| Denim Jacket

I’m sorry, but everyone needs at least one denim jacket in their closet if not two and this Siena Denim Jacket from Decjuba is perfect for all four seasons. It also come’s in white but I think that owning a faded blue pair is the way to go. Perfect to wear with absolutely anything that you own in your wardrobe as it adds an instant cool, not to mention you can dress it down or up.


2| Culottes/Wide Pants

Culottes are in right now and what better way to change it up than to opt for a super bright colour like the Saffront Wide Pant from Seed Heritage? It’s spring so put away your black culottes and shine bright like a sunflower for spring and pair it with a cute off the shoulder top or go simple by pairing it with a loose fitted basic tee… Why not add the denim jacket as mentioned above and wear it over the shoulder? BOOM, I think you have yourself an outfit!


3| Off-the-shoulder

I can’t believe I still don’t own an off-the-shoulder top yet! I think I might have to make it a priority this season, I have my eyes on a few and the Cold Shoulder Tunic from Witchery is one of them. The colour is super chic and you can wear it with absolutely anything!

Off-the-shoulders is perfect for a day out under the sun, shopping, brunch… you name it. You can wear it anywhere your heart desires.

screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-10-40-21-pm4| Lace Shirt Dress

I know what you’re thinking, white is so dangerous to wear and I absolutely couldn’t agree more but its spring. Be daring and wear the white lace shirt dress from Seed Heritage. Pretty please!

The material is cotton and polyester so it’s also pretty decent to take you through summer too for those days spent on the beach. Once again, you can even wear it underneath the denim jacket as mentioned above with a pair of tan sandals and fedora hat. screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-10-40-29-pm

5| Straw Boater Hat

You know who looks great in a straw boater hat? Ashley Gunner from Miss Gunner, see her style it here and here. Check out her instagram page to see more.

I found this Classic Boater hat from Country Road and think it’s perfect for the sunny days to come. Wear it with a cute flared dress or revamp a basic tee and jeans with the hat. Wear it with anything! If you haven’t washed your hair in days then wearing this cute hat is the best way to hide the evidence. screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-10-41-25-pm

6| Flared Skirt

Like I said, when I think of spring I think of anything cute and flared and this Tiered Flare Skirt from Seed Heritage (also comes in black) makes the cut.

This beautiful three tiered flared skirt is a little more dressier but if you’re a sneaker gal like myself then I would dress it down by pairing it with my white sneakers for the day time.

If it’s a little chilly outside like it has been in Canberra then wear it with a nice and cozy knit, otherwise I think it would look super cute worn with the cold shoulder tunic as mentioned above.


7| Flared Top

As mentioned above, you must own something flared and this Flare Sleeve Top also from Seed Heritage is a must have. Although this top is 100% cotton it may not be ideal for summer time but it’s spring so get the top :P.

Go “white on white” by wearing it with the flared skirt – you can still dress it up or down by changing up the shoes.


8| Boyfriend Jeans

I love a good pair of denims and lately I’ve been into ripped jeans. I really like the Pia Soft Boyfriend Jean from Decjuba especially because I like the distressed ripped detailing at the knee.

You can wear these with the cold shoulder tunic and flats for the day time or dress it up with the flared shirt and stilletos for the evening.

Plus, jeans are seasonal so these babies will surely carry you through all year round.


9| Choker

Remember in the 90’s where your favourite celebrities were seen wearing chokers? Well it’s back and I am 99% sure it’s here to stay. Even if it isn’t, I know I will still be wearing them until I say it’s over.

The one’s shown in the collage is actually sold out but you can honestly by any type of chokers, just check on Asos as they have a huge range of chokers to splurge on at an affordable price. I found similar one’s via Bardot but in the colour black.


10| Tie Front Dress

I love anything “boyfriend” style so naturally I am digging this Sicily Tie Front Dress from Decjuba. What I love about this is the front tight knot detailing and pinstripes print. The knot detailing will have you looking relaxed and comfortable but the pinstripes will also have you looking sharp too.

Tie knot detailing were quite popular during winter and it has carried out to spring too?

Wear the dress bare legged or if you’re a Muslimah then wear the boyfriend jeans mentioned above or leggings for coverage.


11| Boots

I know what you’re thinking. Umm “Michaela, it’s spring now” – FYI it’s still pretty chilly in Canberra and who cares, these Oskar boots from Tony Bianco are hot af! I personally own these and have been wearing them every weekend and will continue to wear them until it’s too hot to even think about wearing them.

I find that these babies go with anything, even dress’ – If, by the time you are reading this and it’s summer, I still think you should purchase these anyway.


12| Round Sunglasses

Round sunglasses are uber cool and revamp any look you have going on. Why not opt for these Round Metal Sunglasses With Fine Frame and Flat Lens from Asos?

Itt will look so good with the outfits shown in the collage and it’s basically perfect for any time of the year.


13| Tan Blocked Heel

I love anything tan especially for spring. The Agent Block Heel from Tony Bianco is a must have for this season and can be worn for the day time with the block heel being only 6cm high. I know I’ve been sounding like a broken record but these will also look good with anything in your wardrobe including everything in the collage. *Add to wishlist*


14| Lariat Choker

Oops I did it again! The lariat choker shown in the collage is also sold out but these are so popular so I trust you will find one easily. I like these one’s from bardot though.

I find that a lariat choker easily revamps a look and is appropriate for any occasion. I love it and hope to purchase one soon.


15| Tan Mini Ring Bag

Thank god for designer duplicates! The Mini Ring Bag from Seed Heritage is a cheaper alternative from the Chloe Faye which I speak for everyone that  I want the real deal… so… bad…!

Once again, another piece that will carry you through all year round and goes with everything shown in the collage above.

How great is that. I now want to buy everything mentioned in today’s blog to wear this season. I am easily sold on items that you can mix and match with almost anything and have slowly progressed to being more interested in these versatile pieces that I trust will carry me through all seasons through out the year.

What is your favourite must have spring piece that everyone must own this season?


Cover photo sourced via Google Search Engine

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