10 Ways to find your next bargain at Fash & Treasure

Fash ‘n’ Treasure is this Saturday so I wanted to squeeze in a Bargain Shopping Guide for anyone who is attending.

I’m heading to Melbourne tomorrow morning so I won’t be able to attend to find myself a bargain but that doesn’t mean you guys can’t, am I right?

As you may or may not know, Fash ‘n’ Treasure occurs approximately every month, every year. It’s Canberra’s one and only fashion event which brings all the fashion lovers together.

It does cost $3 for entry, but I mean… That’s nothing!



Although most of the professional traders may have eftpos facilities, I still recommend stopping by your local bank or ATM to get cash out. That said, you will need to set yourself a budget too.

Fash ‘n’ Treasure does have an ATM on site but who really want’s to pay $2.50 to get access to your own money? Not me!

Bring your own shopping bag as most traders won’t supply any as well.



Arrive early so you don’t miss out on any goodies.

If you arrive later in the afternoon, there is a possibility that all the good stuff will be gone.

However, in saying that – arriving late does have it’s advantages but you can find out why in step nine.


Walk around before purchasing anything, this is why I recommend arriving early as well. There is less people and more chance of your item still being there when you go back to purchase the item you were eyeing on, previously.


When you are looking around at your favourite stalls – look fast but look efficiently too.

Keep note of what the item is, which stall and how much it costs as this will help you in step five.



Once you have checked out what all the stalls have to offer and are 100% content with what you have seen, you can then go back for your favourite item that you had your eye on from a stall.

Reason being, if it’s still there it was met to be! This is what I tend to do when I shop whether it’s at a local market or at the mall. If you go early as well, then there is more possibility of the item still being there.

Step four is also great as well because than you determine how much you can afford with the money you have to spend once your up to step five. This is also why I recommend noting down how much your favourite items cost.


Most personal traders just want to get rid of their pre-loved items and may be happy to barter with you so I do suggest offering a reasonably lower price but you still need to be considerate and lenient too.

I mean, would you want to sell a $150.00 dress for $30.00 (branded) even though it is still in mint condition and only worn once but the buyer asks to buy it for $10.00? I sure as hell don’t!

Always put yourself in their shoes – Plus, if you really want it, you will pay what they are selling it for anyway. Try and barter down to $25.00 if you want and see what they say, though. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Keep in mind, this is my personal opinion.



Chat with the sellers, generally when you are really nice to them (not in a fake way) and you have a banter they will sometimes end up offering you a good deal. I know this from both sides of the tables!


Go back to your favourite stalls as they could potentially have items hidden and restocked the racks – If you still have left over cash


So, remember when I suggested to go to the market as early as possible? Well, going an hour before closing has it’s advantages too. Most personal traders will have a big price decrease in the last hour to get rid of anything that is left – you never know, you might find something in there.

If you don’t like a crowd and chaos then I recommend going early instead.


Go home and show off all the items you had found with your friends and family!


If you end up going to the this weeks Fash ‘n’ Treasure and grabbed yourself a bargain, do not hesitate to share it with me. I’d love to see it.

Happy Shopping, ya’ll!

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