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You’re probably sick of me writing about Fash ‘n’ Treasure like when I shared 10 ways to find your next bargain and 10 steps to have a successful stall but don’t worry… This time I will be sharing 10 things I learned at this months Fash ‘n’ Treasure sale with Lauren.

Lauren and I got a large stall which was in the middle row and two stalls down from the entrance. Not only that but we were on the corner so we had two entrance’s into our stall too. This was Lauren’s first time and I think she did great – I was pretty successful for my third sale too. I have learnt so much from the two stalls I had in the last year and to be honest I think that is what Fash ‘n’ Treasure is all about. It’s suppose to be fun but also successful and that’s why I like to share my experiences – so you too, can have a successful experience. You learn from your mistakes as you do in your everyday life.

So, without further ado… Read on to find out the 10 things I learned at this month’s Fash ‘n’ Treasure sale.


1| Price your items a little more then what you are hoping to sell it for

If you want to sell that beautiful leather faux jacket for $20.00 then mark it $5 or $10 more so you have that “leeway” if a customer tries to barter with you.

2| Being friendly goes a long way.

Chat with your “potential” buyers, make them feel comfortable and welcomed. Being friendly could actually help you get a sale

3| Have a mirror

At my last sale, Tori had a cute vintage mirror that she brought along but I didn’t have a mirror and regretfully couldn’t be bothered to spend money and buy one. I had already spent a lot for the stall and I didn’t want to justify paying for something I didn’t really need.

4| Price tag EVERYTHING

A friend at work gave me this advise so this time I made sure I followed through. You want to make it easy for your buyers and it makes it easy for you to remember how much you were selling that blue pleated Sportgirl skirt.


This is another tip my friend gave me and a good point too which I also made sure I considered. I don’t like rummaging through a basket of clothes, its awkwardly uncomfortable.


6| Drink plenty of water

I didn’t drink any water and later found I got a really bad headache at the end of the day. Bad idea!

7| Be organized

Lauren and I had tagged everything the night before and even bought snacks at Woolworths to ensure our day went smoothly. We ended up being the first to have our stall ready and prepped an hour before crunch time.

Although, Lauren had forgot to bring a table and two chairs but luckily our good friend from work saved the day and dropped some furniture off to us before the market opened. Phew!

8| Do a Macca’s run

Due to being ready an hour early, we still had an hour to kill. Why not do a macca’s run and get yourself some breakfast?

9| Wear a thicker jacket

I was wearing a long sleeved top and a thin denim jacket and Lauren was wearing a t-shirt with a knitted cardigan and not to mention our stall was two stalls away from the entrance which met we were getting the cold air from outside. #fail – Good thing the heaters were on though.

10| Just say YES!

Another thing that a friend mentioned to me was that people come to these markets for one thing and one thing only… They want to find a bargain. I know this totally contradicts what I mentioned here in step two and three but I really thought about it since my second sale and now have a change of heart. I still feel strongly about saying “yes” to the right people and to not say yes early on in the day either. I was, however throwing yes’ all round’ as if I was throwing money away for a new Louis Vuitton item so if you didn’t come say hi then you missed out on some really good bargains. Just sayin’

img_5032 And there you have it… I hope in some way or another, this post helps you for your next Fash ‘n’ Treasure sale. I think Lauren and I did really great. We even stayed open a little while longer to get a last minute sale as there were still customers walking around.

There will be one last Fash ‘n’ Treasure for 2016 in November (the 5th) which I might treat myself to a few bargain finds so stay tuned and I just might let you in on all the scoop and share my pieces. Perhaps I can make it interesting and hunt for a full outfit for under $100.00 or something or rather. What do you think?

If you want to sell at the last Fash ‘n’ Treasure for this year then apply here but if you want to be a shopper and hope to find yourself some preloved items then I just might see you there 😉

Until next time,


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