10 Steps to have a Successful Stall at Fash ‘N’ Treasure

Today I thought I would give some tips and advice for anyone who would like to set up a stall at the next Fash ‘N’ Treasure 21 May 2016. Apply here.

If you follow me on snapchat (add me if you haven’t already – michaeladacosta) than you would have noticed that I had a cute little stall set up at this months Fash ‘N’ Treasure with my main chick – Tori from Tawz Imagery.

It wasn’t the first time I had hired a Stall at Fash ‘N’ Treasure but it was definitely the most successful one and today, I’ am going to share how to have a successful selling experience for your first or next Fash ‘N’ Treasure event.

1. Have a lot of products

When I say this, I mean have good quality products up for grabs for your buyers – nobody wants to see items that have lost it’s colour or has stains or rips. Put yourself in their shoes, would you buy it if you saw an item that has a nasty irremovable stain? I didn’t think so..

It’s ok to store some items under your table for later if you don’t have enough room or no more hangers – At least that way, you will have new items on the racks which changes your set up!

ALSO… Hang EVERYTHING – This advice was given to me by a colleague. She mentioned that no one likes to go through a basket, it makes sense! I don’t like going through a basket either.

2. Price your items reasonably well

You don’t want to mark your items too high BUT you also don’t want to price them too low because it’s not fair on yourself either. Why should you have to get ripped off?

What I do is consider three factors – The brand, how much I paid for it and how many times I have worn it.

This part is so hard, even for me – I am always second guessing myself but you can always change the price through-out the day.

If you just want to get rid of everything than price as low as you want!

3. Don’t say “yes” straight away

A lady from the event gave me this advice the other week – She said, if the buyer tries to reduce an item – especially early on when the market has only just started, don’t say yes right away.

 She also said that she only says yes to those who are kind and friendly


4. Set up is EVERYTHING

I’ m going to be honest here, as a buyers point of view – I won’t enter a stall if the set up and merchandise is awful.

Tori and I made sure that our stall was in top notch and merchandise was on point. Not to brag but I feel like our set up was the best and I speak for Tori too.

I constantly would go back to tidy up after buyers would come through and raid our items so that our set up was looking sharp for new comers.

Consistency is key as well!.

We even had nice decor and had a catchy name – “Two Shop-a-holics” which made people have a bit of a giggle and started up a conversation.

On another note – go as early as possible, preferably when the doors are open to sellers so you have PLENTY of time to set up and you don’t have to rush.

5. Put up a poster to display the brands you have

Advertising what brands you have up for grabs is super handy for those who are only looking for certain items – I for one like to check out stalls that sell brands i like.

You don’t really want to advertise Valleygirl or Ally etc because they are cheap brands anyway and I personally would rather go to the store and buy a brand new one.


6. Watch out for shoplifters

Unfortunately, there are shoplifters at this market so you do want to stay alert and trust nobody.

I am pretty sure there was at least four announcements last week in regards to stalls losing items by shoplifters.

If this happens to you – report it straight away! The announcement’s are very helpful for other seller member’s to be more alert with their surroundings.

7. Try and have items that is appropriate for the season

Unfortunately, most of my items were more appropriate for the warmer weather but I think I still did pretty good if I do say so myself.

8. In the last hour – reduce your items

People do come back, so it’s good to reduce some of your items in the last hour if you just want to get rid of everything.

In saying this, though – through out the day, keep an eye out on items that were the most popular as you may not want to reduce that one. Those people could come back and be willing to pay what you already marked them as.

For example – One buyer wanted to buy an item of mine that was very popular for $10.00 when I had already reduced it down to $15.00 from $20.00 and I said no. Two hours later, a new buyer came buy and bought it for $15.00!

9. Have at least two people at a stall

Have one person stand out the front of your stall and the other person standing or sitting inside so you both can see everyone and everything.

This prevents any theft and also if one person is serving someone the second person is on standby to assist someone else.

10. Be friendly

There is nothing worse than to go into a stall and be ignored – you don’t have to have a conversation with them but at least say hello and put a smile on your face.


That is all for today – I hope this helps you in some way or another and you have a successful selling experience. I know, this time round I did really will and feel everything mentioned above was a huge factor.

For my next Fash ‘N’ Treasure stall – I might want to ensure that I provide clothing that will be appropriate for the coming season and hang everything.

Item’s that I was unable to sell at the market are still up for grabs in September.


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