10 Must-have Autumn Essentials

I am super excited for Autumn… These past few days Canberran’s would have noticed a slight drop in temperature which means I was able to start layering my outfits and not feel hot. YAY!

It was only until recently (let’s say… when Summer hit) that I discovered Autumn is one of my favourite season’s along side Spring. I cannot express enough on the happiness and relief I feel that summer is finally over – Goodbye hot weather!

I feel like, last year during Autumn I didn’t have the right clothes to keep me warm/cool enough for the moderately cold weather. So, this time I promised myself that I would be a little more prepared by having the right booties and outerwear to get me through the season. Most of the must have essentials will be great to carry me out through winter as well so that’s a bonus.

Thankfully, I almost have all of the items mentioned below but unfortunately I still need to purchase a majority of them for this season. However, what a great way to collate them in one blog as if it were a wishlist? Hint hint… Mum 😉



This time last year I tried on the most amazing flared black denim at a local boutique store in Canberra called Rebel Muse. I even took a selfie with them on, and boy do they elongate my legs considering how short I am. I blame you mum!

The flared denim that I am wearing in my selfie and stocked at Rebel Muse is a Nobody Denim collection and retails at $219.00 at the boutique (Buy it now). I really hope to purchase these babies this season as well as getting a pair in denim too. I highly recommend investing in these babies BUT if it’s a little too much for your budget then see below for a more affordable range.


Forever 21 had some nice pairs on their website that are worth taking a look too.

Items from left to right: (All from ASOS)
1. Dr Denim Brigitte High Waist Skinny Flares $109.00
2. Noisy May Destroyed Knee Amy Flare Jean $106.00
3. Only High Wait Retro Flare Jeans$74.00
4. Bell Flare Jeans in Clean Black w/ Pressed Crease $74.00

If you’re not a denim gal but still love a good pair of flared pants than don’t fret I have seen a few flared pants in various materials! Check out these Monki Jersey Flare Pant from ASOS or perhaps these Tailored Nude pants with a belt from Lavish Alice. My favourite is the Watson Way Pant by my favourite label called Asilio the Label. Maurie and Eve as well as Camilla and Marc have nice flared pants too! I think the price range is reasonable, but each to their own.



Ahhh.. Leather jackets! I’ve expressed why I love Leather Jackets, I cannot get enough of them and keep wanting more.

As mentioned, I own three faux leather jackets. See how I styled it here and here – Therefore, I am in not in a position to buy another one BUT I think I will make an exception for this amazing leather jacket by Asilio. It will be an investment that’s for sure but an investment worth while.

How bout’ that Kookai Leather Jacket for $520.00? Nah, Asilio wins!

See below for some of my other favourites – I opted for a couple of ranges to share with you.


Items from left to right:
Nasty Gal Atomic Vegan Leather Jacket $167.00
2. Monochrome Faux Leather Biker Jacket $105.00 $52.50
3. Noisy May Leather Look Biker Jacket via ASOS $80.00
4. Gestuz Prue Jacket in Leather via ASOS $839.00



I was so obsessed with trench coats in Autumn 2015 but only had the opportunity to purchase one from Bardot as seen here.

I am still obsessed and promise to purchase a couple more this season, one of them has to be black and long line.


Items from left to right:
1. House of Sunny Luxe Trench Jacket via ASOS $179.00
2. River Island Trench Coat via ASOS $200.00
3. Duster Coat via ASOS $127.00
4. Military Trench Coat Khaki via Missguided $84.00



Bomber jackets were really popular during this years Autumn/Winter 16-17 Fashion Week in Paris, Milan, London and New York. I’ve also noticed bombers popping up everywhere in stores and online too.

I really want to invest in a good quality bomber jacket in the colour black as well as khaki.I especially have my eyes set on another Asilio the Label item as per above. If you know me, than you know I am a sucker for anything long line and well the Air Strike Bomber Jacket by Asilio is just killer. Get yours here.

I wouldn’t mind giving my wardrobe a bit of oomph with other colours as well but will resort to affordable ones. Asos have a lot of variety and in different colours so I will most likely purchase mine online.

They are a perfect outerwear for this season and it’s so trendy too. See below for some of my favourites!


Items from left to right:
1. Lee Your Move Bomber Jacket via Glue Store $129.95
2. Stussy Luxe Satin Cropped Bomber Jacket $129.95
3. Boohoo Bomber Jacket w/ Stripe Ribbing $70.00
4. Bustle’n Bomber Jacket $119.95



I have wanted knee high boots since last Autumn but every time I would try a pair on, Idrus would give me a disapproval look (he doesn’t understand “female” fashion). I would take them off, put it back on the shelf and sadly walk away.

Alas! I tried on a pair of high knee boots from Zara and surprisingly.. Idrus approved!

Can’t wait to go back to Zara and make my first “high knee boots” purchase. If it’s still available of course, fingers crossed.

Why are high knee boots essential for this season? Because they are damn right sexy and you can wear it with any kind of apparel such as denim shorts, midi/mini skirts, jeans you name it! It will go with ANYTHING!

It is the “must have” pair of shoes and has been around for quite some time now. I need to get on board with the high knee boots trend, stat!

See below for some of my favourites must haves


Items from left to right:
1. Taj Black Stretch Suede via Tony Bianco $379.95
2. Tache Blacke Luxe via Tony Bianco $299.95
3. Siren Revolution Bots via Styletread $179.95
4. Kick it Off over the Knee Boots via ASOS $116.00



Ahhhh.. Ankle boots. It’s every girls best friend, especially during the colder days. Perfect for any outfit and certainly revamps any look. I already own a few decent pairs of booties but I am absolutely loving the new ankle boots that Tony Bianco have released and would like to add one or two to my collection.

I’ am especially loving the Oskar Black/Luxe Tort via Tony Bianco which you can pre-order for $249.95. They look pretty damn chic, I just need it in my life!

A girl can’t have enough shoes, right?

See below for my favourites


Items from left to right:
1. Oskar Black Luxe/Tort via Tony Bianco $249.95
2. Perry Black Diesel/Black Wax via Tony Bianco $199.95
3. Britt via Iris Footwear $149.95
4. Collins Black Jetta Polish via Tony Bianco $199.95



Do you ever scroll down your newsfeed via instagram and see all those beautiful photos of your friends or favourite bloggers wearing an oversized warm turtle neck? Me too…

I wanted to buy some last Autumn but never got around to it, I also don’t want to buy just any turtle neck – the turtle neck needs to be soft and comfortable. Good enough to want to sleep in.

My friend from work has recently purchased the amazing Adalie Knit Jumper from Esther Boutique and I had the opportunity to feel the material. Boy oh boy was it amazing!

I have also spotted some amazing Turtle necks with great material from Witchery which I have promised myself I’d buy this time round.


Items from left to right:
1. Hi Lo Slouch Knit via Witchery $149.95
2. Roll Neck Knit via Country Road $99.95
3. Two Tone Waffle Knit via Country Road $149.00
4. High Neck Skinny Rib Split via Missguided $31.50


collassge-700x175 colldage-700x210

I don’t even know where to start.

Get a long sleeved “off the shoulder” so you still have a bit of coverage during this season. If you’re a softy and get cold easily, bring a cardigan or jacket to keep you warm. How bout a faux leather jacket for a edgy look?

Instead, opt for a knit off the shoulder so you can go jacket-less.

Just appreciate the amazing “off the shoulder” street style pictures as per above – then see below to shop my favourites.


Items from left to right
1. Off Shoulder Dress via Country Road $179.99 $74.96

2. Nicholas Off Shoulder Fringe Top via The Iconic $305.00
3. Lucy in the Sky via Maurie and Eve $189.99
4. Fold Over Knit via Witchery $149.95



Last year, Rebel Muse stocked the most amazing and gorgeous Faux Fur from Ida Faux Fur Fabrications.

IFFF was extablished last year by India Rose who graduated from Whitehouse Institute of Design and was raised in Canberra.

The moment I felt the faux fur against my skin I thought it was real, it provides warmth and style for those cold winter nights. You can still get away with wearing these scarfs during Autumn, perhaps wear it with a nice blouse, denim shorts and a pair of high knee boots for warmth.

IFFF Faux Fur scarfs come in different colours and sizes, you are bound to find one that suits you.

The only sad part is.. the price tag is a big whooping $300.00 and I think I speak for all of us that the price tag is just way too expensive. Luckily, Rebel Muse still have a couple in stock and on sale here and here.

Also, just appreciate how divine they look as per below


Sorry guys, couldn’t find other faux fur scarves other then the two as per below…

(I do think it’s worth investing in a IFFF Faux Fur Scarf anyway, as it’s a perfect statement piece)


Items from left to right:
1. Faux Fur Snood via Target $15.00 $12.00
2. Jack Wills Romanby Long Faux Fur Stole via ASOS $125.00



A cross-body bag is the “it” bag as of late. Think.. Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Chloe just to name a few.. In my opinion, these brands are what started the whole hype in the first place. Correct my if I’m wrong, though.

No, I’ am not saying you have to buy a Chanel or Louis Vuitton bag. Luckily for us broke gals – there are plenty of replica’s online as well as all different kinds of colors and styles available to us.

I personally prefer to invest in a good quality bag that have a longer life span as opposed to a $50.00 bag that won’t last longer than 6 months. Therefore, a lot of my favourite bags are at least over $1000.00 but don’t fret… I went scouting for affordable bags for you to shop to your leisure as per below.


Items from left to right:
1. Vintage Leather Cross Body Bag with Metal Ring Detail via ASOS $59.00
2. Reiss Leather Cross Body Day Bag via ASOS $410.00
3. Eyelet Shoulder Bag via ASOS $47.00
4. Mini Ring Bag via Seed Heritage $69.95

There you have it my lovely fashionistas – 10 of my must have essentials for this Autumn.

I hope you enjoyed this very long and tedious post… I initially planned to have “15” essentials to share but felt this post was going to be too long so reduced it down to “10” and even than, it was still pretty long.

Sorry lovelies…. Until next time,


Images sourced via relevant online stores and pinterest

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